Officer Report

VP Southend

ISA Southend Diwali Celebration

Our Diwali celebration had positive feedbacks from students. Students did enjoy themselves and had the opportunity to do Henna, as well as performances from the team. Our next activity is to organise trips for students of which plans are being set towards that.

Global Entrepreneurial Week

We had our Global Entrepreneurial week celebration down here which went well. We had our Dragons Den event in Colchester and I’m pleased to announce that Southend campus students won the competition as well as the ‘minute to win it’ event. I am very proud of the students and we hope to achieve more. Had positive feedbacks from the students and they told me to put up such events for them regularly which I have considered. 

Course Rep Recruitment

Went round to various lectures to recruit course reps for this year. Adrian and I have managed to recruit about 93 course reps this year which is about 50% increment. There are series of training organised by Adrian and myself to help them with their role and how they can help shape their course and the students union as well.

SU Lounge Committee

This is a newly formed committee who are in charge of shaping the SU Lounge. The committee had its first meeting which I happened to chair. We had several interactions on how well we can utilise the SU lounge. Some ideas that came out was getting a TV license, alcohol license and providing price list to students in a form of leaflet or flyers. Pleased to report that the TV License has been looked into and secured; and will be installed as soon as possible.

Safety Issues in Southend

The result of question of the week stated that 52% of the student body don’t feel safe in the local community. Therefore, I made a point to deal with this issue in collaboration with the Council. I met with two councillors who are in charge of where our campus is located to raise these concerns. They assured me that the will raise these concerns on our behalf to the police as well as the open portfolio officer in charge of our location. They also invited students for the meeting which is where they will hold the open portfolio officer accountable for the increment of crimes in the local area.

Employability Rep Recruitment

In order to help with employability down here, I have team up with Aideen Sadler (Employability officer) to recruit employability Reps. The aim is to get student input in the kind of workshops, seminars and forums organised by the Employability and Careers centre down here. These Reps will also help in promoting events as well.

BAME Forums in Southend

To help out with BAME engagement in Southend, I’m currently helping the President to set up BAME forums to help them come up with ideas as well as running it themselves. We are currently planning CONNECT Southend which will be held in the beginning of next term.


Managed to get 23 students down to London for the NUS Demonstration and feedback I had from students was that they were very happy to help with such a course; and hope the government do something about the increment of Tuition fees across Higher Educational institutions.

FIREWORKS in Loughton

Helped setting up for fireworks as well as getting student involved in the fireworks celebration at Loughton. We also engaged with students in the Halloween party which went down well.


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