Officer report

VP Southend

ISA Southend Update:

The team, including myself and the VP international have had several meetings to find several ways of improving the international students’ engagement on campus. Events such as Chinese year, One world Essex (including parade of flags, international concert, free language and many more) has been planned for the term ahead.

RAG Week: 

Through question of the week, students voted that the union should raise funds for the Southend Minds charity. Series of activities (such as Penny wars, guess the sweet in the jar, food collection, raffle tickets, sports versus societies quiz night and pie face) has been planned for the RAG week in order to raise funds for the charity.

SU Lounge Committee Update:

We had our last meeting of the year on the 7th of December and so many ideas were presented by the committee members to facilitate the effective usage of the lounge. Some of these ideas were getting an alcohol license for the venue, Gender balance between the games offered, selling ‘everything Essex’ clothing, providing a reward scheme to regular customers, advertise our offerings in a form of flyers. I, VP Communication, committee members and the SU team are working on these ideas to improve maximum usage of the lounge by students.

Update on Safety Issues in Southend:

I attended the Southend policy and resources scrutiny meeting with one of our course reps and Adrain (engagement coordinator). The reports raised during my meeting with councillors were raised to the open portfolio officer of our university location. Even though there has been increase in police presence in the area since the meeting, however we will keep monitoring the situation as times goes on.

Consent Awareness Campaign:

I’m supporting one of our students to run a sexual harassment campaign on the campus. She had been a victim and therefore wishes to raise the awareness to curb this situation. We have made plans, and the date for the launch of the campaign is on the 18th of January 2017. We have sent out several invitations to club owners, NUS delegate and Councillors.

SU Ambassadors Event Update:

We had our clash of departments in the beginning of the month and East 15 emerged as winners. We intend to run the event at the end of next term improve engagement across all departments.

Preferable Car parking rates:

I have managed to get a preferable parking rate in Victoria centre for our students and staff as well. The rate is £2 per day and £5 registration card. We intend to advertise this offer to our students in the beginning of next term. 


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