Officer Report

VP Southend

ISA Southend Update

Working with VP International and the team to organize our Chinese Lunar new year. They event is going to be on the 30th of January. There is going to be performances, calligraphy session, Traditional clothes taster session as well as food.

RAG Week

Promoting and leading several events during our RAG week. Activities include penny wars, food collection, pie face and Henna. We started on the 23rd and we are ending on the 27th of January.

SU Ambassadors event (Take Me Out) 

Planned take out with the ambassadors. Everything thing is set now for the event. The date for the event is on the 13th of February. Posters and tickets are out as well as recruitment of participants.

Consent Awareness Campaign 

Helped out in planning for the consent awareness campaign. Students were passionate about it and we intend to push the clubs to address this issue and find a way of combating it. I’m also going to have a meeting with the leader of the campaign and check the way forward.

Welcome Back Campaign

I involved myself in the welcome campaign by the SU down here. We served soups alongside hot chocolate. I also took the opportunity to gather feedbacks from students which was very helpful.

Leadership Race

I have also had the opportunity to talk to students about my role as well as promoting the possibility of them getting elected for the position.

Meeting with Entrepreneurship Society

Helping the entrepreneurship society in planning for an event known as ‘The Apprentice’. I met with the careers and employability coordinators to discuss the plan with them and they are very happy to assist with the whole plan. We intend to have the event in February; however, we may push it back due to the kind of entrepreneurs we want to invite for the event.


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