Officer Report

VP Southend

One World Essex Southend

Worked with the ISA team and the VP international to deliver series of activities in our one world Essex down here. Took part in all the activities and ensured that they were run well. Activities such as International food festival, Laser tag session for international students, Language taster session, parade of flags and five a side football challenge were executed for the week. Students provided positive feedbacks from the activities and we intend to make it more interesting in the coming year.

Leadership Race

The leadership race started in the beginning of the month. We had about 5 candidates nominated including myself for the position to be the next Vice president of Southend campus. However, they all dropped out leaving only me and RON. Unfortunately for RON, I won with high margin. Also, I had the most votes in the entire election. Ladies and gentlemen, I can boldly say that I’ve been re-elected to be the next vice president for Southend 2017/2018. Thank you all for your support and trusting me as well. I promise not to let you down.

BAME Forum

We had our BAME forum on the 9th of February which had about 35 students in the SU mezzanine. The president had a brief presentation and students were grouped to come out with issues and ways to solve them. Students laid out concerns and demanded that we should have another meeting and it should include the heads of the university.

Focus Groups

Helped the deputy director of academic services and our engagement coordinator in carrying focus groups across departments. Students came up with feedbacks which were very useful in terms what can be improved in the SU and the university services. I presented what the SU offers and also touched how we can help students.

SU Ambassadors event (Take Me out Event)

Our Take me out Valentine special was held on the 13th Feb to mark the Valentine Day. The event had the Lecture theatre almost full to capacity and Students had fun while others had dates as well. We raised almost £430 pounds from tickets sales. We also had student performers and many positive feedbacks from the students at the end. The income generated will be put aside to drive new events and projects.

Consent Awareness Campaign

Had a meeting with the awesome ladies in charge of the NOT OKAY campaign and we had several interactions to see the way forward for the campaign. We concluded that we have to get the clubs on board as well as the council, the pubs and the police which might take a little bit of time but it will be worth it at the long run. Our campus union manger is helping us in facilitating the meetings and the update will follow soon.

Advice Rep For students

Since our Advice centre rep is on maternity leave, I had the opportunity to deal with advice issues as well as attending meetings with students as an advice rep for them.

Resident Assistants Event

Had several meetings with the New Resident life coordinator and the residents’ assistants to come up with an end of term party in the university square. The name of the event which was suggested by the R/A’s was “Sunday fun day barbecue party” which is going to be held on the 19th of March in the university square. Activities planned for the day include performances, games, music, disco dome, photo booth and many more.

£100 Challenge by Careers and Entrepreneurship Society

I worked with the careers and employability centre to deliver the first time £100 challenge session down here. Helped issuing money to students as well as counting the proceeds. Students were very enthusiastic about the process and raised almost £240 which contributes to the ENACTUS project fund. The aim of this challenge was to test the Entrepreneurial ability of students within 24 hours.

Meeting with the Vodka Revolution manager

Myself and our campus union manager had meeting with the Revolution manager on the 24th of this month. The aim is to work with them in any possible way as they can to facilitate good deals for our students. He is very enthusiastic about working with the union and we hope to create a good rapport with the revolution team. We are on the initial stage of any possible deal and I will update as soon as something emerges.


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