Officer Report

VP Southend

Sunday Fun Day

Following up from previous report, this was an event organised by myself/students’ union, Resident life coordinator and the Resident Assistants in the University square accommodation. This event was successfully executed and we had positive feedbacks from students at the end. Students suggested that they will like to see stuff like this happen often in the terms ahead especially in the summer period. Some also suggested that they will like to have a rave which I’m currently in conversations with them to see how feasible that idea could be.

SU Lounge Committee Event

The committee met on the 9th of March and decided that we should have a sort of end of the term party in the SU Lounge. The committee unanimously voted to name the party ERNEST HOUSE PARTY, since a lot of people know me and discovered it could be used as a marketing tool to get more people for the event. We decided to apply for temporary license for the event of which alcohol could be sold. About 165 students turned up for the event, bar sales went just over £600 and almost all the students were pleased with the event and somewhat surprised at the success. We had positive feedbacks and the next step is to continue to do more for the students in the term ahead.

Revolution Meeting

We are still having discussions with the manager of Revolution Southend in other to find ways to improve the student experience by collaborating with them. We’ve had several meetings from the previous and this month to secure appropriate deals as well as alternative students’ night out in their venue. The manager is very enthusiastic about working together with students’ union and we intend to make sure students are treated fairly in the entire process. So far deals such as 50% students’ discounts for some specific days and society cards have been agreed and we intend to secure more deals for students as soon as the place is officially opened.

Not Okay Campaign/project

This campaign in other words is to combat sexual harassments in clubs as well as the everyday life of the students. Together with SU President, VP welfare, and the ladies in charge of the campaign, we’ve made plans on how to kick off the project. This is a project huge and may take months to get it going. We are the initial stage and plans such as recruiting volunteers, involving the council, the police, local club managers and the university are still ongoing. Constant Updates will be submitted in the subsequent reports.

Mental Health Project

Through several reports we’ve been made aware that almost 3/4th of the general student population are currently experiencing mental health problems this year. To help with this, I’m currently helping the VP welfare to recruit mental health ambassadors in Southend to help combat this problem on our campus. Students have expressed interest and we intend to work with them to tackle this issue.

BUCS Team Match

I had the chance to witness and support our BUCS team play their final match of the season at home on the 15th of March. I was the photographer for the day as well as number one fan. We lost 4-3 but I believe our team is very strong now as compared to the beginning of the season and we will surely be successful in the season ahead. I currently train with team which I will continue to do and offer any kind of support needed.

1000 Pounds Challenge

I had the opportunity to be a judge on Essex start up boot camp challenge in Southend. I also acted as mentor for the students during the competition. This event was successfully and two winners emerged at the end of the competition. The winner secured £1000 to start his business and the first runner up won £500. This was great experience for me and most of the students did enjoy themselves in the whole process.

Course Rep Training

I helped our engagement coordinator in delivering course rep training for our members. This training was specifically based on how to help these course reps to secure jobs after their study. We helped them in setting up linked in profiles and showing them on how to attract employers to their page.


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