Officer Report

VP Southend

Advice Rep

Since our Advice centre coordinator is on maternity leave and the Colchester team is pretty much occupied at the moment, I had the opportunity to deal with student advice issues and also attending meetings with students as an advice rep and support for them. I also advised students to seek guidance from their fellow students if they need assistance in terms issues concerning their course.

Exams Mode/show mode champagne Celebration

The exam mode is still ongoing down here due to the different ending dates of our courses. We are still delivering fruits, snack bars, water to students who are still around. Most of the students are being advised to use SU react if they need items to be delivered. Also, we organised champagne for those who finished their exams.    

Lauren & Greta House Party (End of Term Party)

We had our End of year party in the Lounge on the 2nd of June. I worked throughout the night ensuring students have a great night. This has been our second night event in the Lounge and we will continue to do more in the Lounge in the welcome week period.                    

Summer ball

I gave out wristbands to students and made sure everyone was on board and coming back as well. Students had a great night and gave positive feedbacks afterwards.

Recruiting SU Ambassadors

I finalise the SU ambassador positions with the team and run it through Volunteering department for the recruiting. The positions were put out and closed on the 9th of June. We have managed to recruit for all the positions except CPS Reps respectively.

Attending SSLC’s

With our engagement coordinator currently on annual leave, I filled in in all the SSLC’s this month. I gathered feedbacks from students and also managed to get some of their issues solved.

Summer Barbeque Party

I’m currently planning with the Resident life team to have a summer barbeque party in the university square. The date scheduled for the party will be on the 1st of July. This will be a free barbeque for all students which will include some music and games. The update will be provided in my next report.

Trip to Brighton

Students have asked me to organise a trip to Brighton for them during this period as there is nothing much to do. I sat with SU Team and we have a made a decision to run the trip on the 29th June. I will be going with students and update of the trip will be provided in the next report.





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