officer report

VP Southend

Nurses Badge Ceremony
  • Our final year nursing students had their Badge of honour ceremony in the Campus and together with the students union team we offered support including taking photographs and decorations. We had positive feedback from the department, students and parents. This is the first time the students union has been involved this and we intend to make it work in the years ahead.
Presenting our Year Plan to Southend Campus staff
  • Together with the Sabbs, we had the opportunity to meet and present our year plan for Southend campus to the university staff members down here. All the staff members were happy with our plan and also gave us necessary advice on how things can be done here.
SU Ambassador Project Update
  • A training session was delivered to the ambassadors by me, the president and the learning skills manager on the 22nd of September. The training package included roles and responsibilities, how to run events and campaign, working with team members and projects. The aim is to get the ambassadors ready for the New Year in order to help with student engagement on campus.
Post Graduate Dissertation Celebration
  • We had a little celebration for our students who just finished their Masters dissertation. We had a small number of people come in the lounge mainly because a lot of people had left earlier before the date for the celebration, and therefore has been taken into consideration for next year.         
Freshers Update

The following are some of the activities I have been involved during our fresher’s week.

  • Welcoming new students: I have had the opportunity to welcome our freshers across the 3 arrival Sundays at the University square. I had the opportunity to chat with some new students, making them feel comfortable as well as providing them with coffee, tea, cakes etc.
  • Welcome talks:  Had the opportunity to deliver my first welcome address to students from the Oral health department during starting your studies talks which is done across all departments in Southend.
  • Heirloom: The heirloom project has just kicked off with our Oral health students being the first students to get it. We will be running across all departments in order to ensure that every student get their SU Membership registered.



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