Officer Report

VP Southend


I’m very pleased to announce that our incoming Vice President is Andrea Lungay. You guys made a good choice and I’m very sure Andrea will continue with the good work we’ve done. I wish you all the best for the coming year.

NINO Interview Session

After a hard work with our VP International we manage to have our first National insurance interview on campus on the 2nd of February. We do apologise for those who couldn’t do it and will admonish you to contact us as soon as possible to arrange something for you. I have made the careers and employability aware that this needs to be continued in the next year in which they have agreed to.

Hosting Hustings for VP Southend

I hope most of you recognised me during the leadership race week and the debate session in the SU Lounge. Well, I will be leaving this year as my post comes to an end in June and therefore we need to get a new person to take over my role. I had the opportunity to co-host the debate session. The candidates were asked series of questions of which almost all of them gave brilliant answers respectively and I believe you guys made a good choice when it came to the voting stage of the process.

Trip to Google Start-up London

As clearly stated in my manifesto, Entrepreneurship and employability is one thing I’m passionate about and therefore that’s the reason why I’m working with employability and careers centre to get a group of students to the google campus in London in order to have experience in entrepreneurship and innovation. We are still on the planning stage for this however I will entreat you guys to keep 22nd of March booked in your calendar.

SU Ambassadors take me Out Event

Thanks for everyone who came to support the Take me out hosted by the ambassadors. I hope many of you enjoyed yourself watching your friends find dates for the night. To those of you who couldn’t make it, kindly use this link to check how the night went. Make sure not miss next year’s event.

Lunar New Year

Together with the ISA Team, we hosted a successful Lunar New Year celebration on campus. Students had the opportunity to experience the Chinese culture and tradition especially clothes, songs, calligraphy and food. The link below shows how the night went in case you missed it.

Fashion Show

We are currently planning a fashion show with one of the Top UK fashion retail brands on our campus on the 14th of March. (P.S. the Brand is secret for now and you get to know about it on the night). We have amazing prizes in stock for all of you who will attend. And the best model gets to win £300 cash and day photo-shoot with the company’s photographer which will be featured on the Brand’s website. You don’t want to miss this! See you there.

Closure of the SU Lounge at 4:30pm

It is regret to announce to you that the SU Lounge will be closing at 4:30pm. This decision is due to the fact that most students do not use the Lounge from this period till the closing time. However, we are planning to put the games, micro waves in the room upstairs for anyone who want to use it during these hours. Kindly email me if you think this will affect you in any other way.



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