Officer Report

VP Southend

Dragons Den

We had another success with our Dragons Den and I believe those who came enjoyed the session. We had 8 teams presented their ideas/ business to the Dragons and 3 emerged as winners for the cash prizes. As a vice president, I was very happy with the session since Entrepreneurship was one of my manifesto points and seeing it happen was a great achievement for me. I will make sure to pass the information and the plan to the next VP to continue this initiative as well. I was overwhelmed with the attendance as well as our Dragons giving bonus prizes to the participants.

Mystery Fashion Show/Charity Fund Raising

As we have more art and fashionable students on campus, it was about time to host something interesting for you guys on campus. We had the opportunity to partner with for our very first fashion show on campus. This was a great opportunity for the students who modelled during the night as well as the audience. Many of you were amazed with the vouchers and great thanks to winner for taking home £300 cash prize. Thank you to everyone who donated to our chosen charity during the night. We managed to raise over £80 for the Southend minds charity. Also, the event was livestreamed on the company’s Facebook page which had about 22k views and about 500 comments and shares. We will continue to work with the company and other companies to secure more opportunities for you guys in the near future.

Google Hub Trip

I had the opportunity to work with Essex careers and employability to organise a trip for students to the google tech campus in London. The idea behind this trip was to give the opportunity to students to get the insights to the outside world of entrepreneurship from start-up companies. I’m very glad this worked well and receiving appreciation from the students for organising this was a great achievement for me and the students union. We do apologize to those who couldn’t make it due to limited space on the bus; we hope to do this in the near future for you guys.

One World Essex

Essex is recognised as one of top 20 international universities in the world; and in order to celebrate this achievement, we celebrated our one world Essex week on our campus. I was really impressed with this year’s celebration because most of you guys made it a success even though we had a lot of snow during that week. We had a great number of you guys representing your individual countries during the parade of flags, international food festival as well international music night.

Easter Break News

The SU Lounge is closed for two weeks from Mon 26th March, through to Friday 6th April, and open again Mon 9th to Fri 13th April 10am - 3pm each day, then back open 10am - 4.30pm as of Mon 16th April. During the time we are closed we will move the microwaves up to the Mezzanine floor, above The Lounge, for you, and you can access that space all day and until the building closes each night. Also, if you and your colleagues need any help or any enquiries kindly email







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