Officer Report

VP Southend

Meeting Nursing Apprenticeship Students

I had the opportunity to meet the recently approved nursing apprenticeship students in the beginning of the month. I presented the various opportunities the SU offer to every student on campus and I admonished them to make good use of the services even if they come to Uni once or twice in a week. I gave the iconic heirloom to every one of them and they were very happy with it. I hope you still have yours intact.

Opening the Mezzanine for during Easter Break

Since the SU lounge was closed during the Easter break; and our Health students were still in Uni, we managed to set up the mezzanine for them during that period. We provided them with microwaves, kettle and provided accessibility for them to use the space during the break. They were pleased with the initiative and we intend do it during the summer break as well.

Exams campaign for Oral Health Students

We responded to an SU react from one of our Oral health students during their exams period. We supplied them with fruit, snack bars, water, pens and other essentials. They were very pleased with students union and I received a personal message from some of the students expressing gratitude for what we did. Don’t forget to use SU react when in need of anything on campus. We can’t buy you a car but we promise to be there to support you in any way we can because you part of one big family.

SU Awards Update

The SU awards has been rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. We promise you will get your awards soon. In the meantime, keep your eye on SU Facebook pages as well as the website at

Essex Cup Update

We will be having our annual Essex cup competition in Colchester this year. Don’t worry; there will be free coach to take you there and back. Don’t forget to use the link below to sign up to play for Southend. We were crowned winners last year and my wish is to retain the title this year.

Link: here

University Strategic plan Consultation

As many may have seen me around talking to you and your colleagues, I’m working with the university to foster student input in the next strategic plan for the university. Don’t forget to pass around or check module to contribute to the next phase of the university. Your voice matter!



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