Officer Report

VP Southend

Commonwealth 100th Anniversary Celebration:

As many of you may have seen me in a colourful shirt in the previous week back, I represented both the university and my country Ghana in the recent 100th commonwealth anniversary in Chelmsford. This was a great experience for me and the students who took part in the celebration. We had the opportunity to meet dignitaries like the Lord Lieutenant, the mayor of Chelmsford, Member of parliaments and councillors.


They were very thrilled with our national costumes and couldn’t stop taking pictures. Don’t forget to take this opportunity in the near future.

Wild and Out Event:

I worked with the coloured Theatre society to put on this awesome TV show type event in the forum for you guys. I could see most of you enjoyed the show and I hope it helped eased your brains a bit after a long week of revision.

SSLC Meetings:

Since our engage coordinator is no longer with us, I had to step in to represent the students union on SSLC’s. My most recent SSLC was with the social work department. The aim to make sure students voice is being heard across departments and the entire university. I had positive feedbacks from students of which the students union will be working to improve the student experience on campus.

It was emotional saying goodbye to them because that will be my final meeting with department. The head of department was very pleased with the work we’ve done so far and promised to work with the students union to provide good experience for the students when I leave office.

Essex Cup:

I’m very proud of leading our students to this year’s Essex cup in Colchester. We didn’t win but I witnessed the passion everyone had and the support for each other in our team. You guys should be proud of yourself and hopefully we get the cup back next year.

Pro Vice Chancellor Research Selection:

I had the opportunity to be part of the sabbatical team to give our feedback on candidates for the Pro Vice Chancellor Research role within the university. This was quite an experience for me and also great hearing the candidates praising the work of the university and the students union. I’m very happy to let you know that our new Pro Vice Chancellor for Research is Professor Christine Raines.

Exams/Show/Nurse Campaign:

As many of you have seen me and the SU staff around your exams and show areas, we are working hard together to provide you with essentials to release stress, energy and sound mind through this period. We have managed to serve fruits, snack bars, water and other essentials in every exam across the entire period. We will also celebrate with you with champagne and bubbly after your exams as well. So don’t forget to stick around for some time on the last day of the exam to get a full glass of champagne or bubbly.

Mental Health Campaign:

We partnered with South East and Central Essex Minds to draw more awareness on mental health within the university community. I’m very glad you guys supported the event. We will continue to build on this and make sure to tackle mental health across the university. Don’t forget to use the SU Advice, student support and external support like Southend mind and Samaritans when in need. Remember the more you speak up about your problems, the easier and quicker you get them solved.

SU Awards Update:

The SU awards has been rescheduled for next Friday 1st of June. Congratulation to all the nominees, don’t forget you are all winners. Unfortunately I will not be around for the awards but I wish you all the best.


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