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East 15 drop-in session

I ran two drop in sessions on Tuesday (12th April) and Friday (22nd April) for the students in Loughton and I had a couple of students come talk to me about their shows and events, I’m in talks with admin officer there – James for us to device ways the SU could possibly support them. We are still providing support to a group of student there to understand the character of their show and to know how to promote it.

Comedy store

The comedy store is an improv comedy show that was shown in Loughton on the 12th of April, the turnout was good and it was a good event as well. It was organized by Colin Sell of the Comedy store (Colin used to be the Head of music in East-15). The show runs in London normally for an average of £40 pounds per attendee but we got it for £10.  I’m also in talks with Colin on how to get the comedy store to Southend. There are plans underway to have it during the freshers fair in September cos this term is busy.

Students-led events

I have been providing event planning support to the Ballpark company in planning the Summer games – This a Is a  company started by some of our East-15 students, the summer ball is a culmination of some popular TV game shows, live music, performances and comedy. This was initially slated for 21st of April but has been moved to Friday 29th April.

CLICK workshop, Southend

We ran a CLICK workshop in Southend on Monday, 25th April and we had lots of attendees. 95% of whom were our East-15 student in Southend. The CLICK team would be providing support to the attendees on how to set up their fundraising campaign and get money to fund their various projects.

P.S: It’s been a generally quiet month cos of the Easter break.

Shola akinyemi

Image of the Sabb Shola

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