VP Southend and Loughton


East 15 drop-in session 

I ran two drop in sessions on Wednesday in the month of March for the students in Loughton and I had a couple of students come talk to me about their shows, events and to know how the SU could possibly support them.

Students-led events 

The conversation around having student led events had started to bear fruits as we have 2 students from East 15 Southend book to use the SU lounge to have their events. Some group of students also had the open Mic night and the turnout was amazing –over 50 students were packed full in the lounge.

Loughton-Southend football match

I was on ground to ensure that the logistics and adequate support was available for Team Loughton and Team East 15 Southend for a friendly football match that was played in Southend. It was 4 – 0 in favour of team Loughton.

CLICK workshop works 

We ran a CLICK workshop in Loughton and two of the attendees took their project to the platform and have been able to successfully raise over £1,000 each. There are plans underway to get the CLICK team to come Southend to run this same workshop for everyone with a special focus on the East 15 School.

Society drop-in session

We also opened the society drop-in session to support societies in Southend. We had representatives from the Nursing society and the Entrepreneurship society drop in for support during this period.

Shola akinyemi

Image of the Sabb Shola

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