Officer Report


  1. Laundry rebate for Nursing students
  2. Vital stats Southend and Loughton
  3. Exam campaign Loughton
  4. Exam campaign Southend
  5. Zoo project
  6. Student idea to reduce the rent in the University square


  1. Laundry rebate for nursing students: The students are currently asking for £150 per student annum for a “laundry rebate” which would run to £450 per student over a 3 year period. We as an organization know this would be a huge cost to the University, so we thought another good alternative to consider might be to increase their uniform from 3 to 5. This would cost £58.12 per student per annum which looks like a cheaper option and also removes some of the challenges of the initial proposal. We would hereby recommend an extra 2 uniforms for all Nursing students who have placements for more than 3 months within an academic year.
  2. Vital stats Southend and Loughton: I have been actively involved in promoting vital stats in Loughton and Southend this month. We got 100 people in Loughton to feedback into the survey which is quite impressive. The figures are still low for Southend cos of the exams but I’m working with the Marketing team and the student staff to hop the figures.
  3. Exam campaign Loughton: As part of our exam campaign on the Loughton campus, I played the role of “summer Santa” by going round to give out free ice lollies to a handful of students and wishing them good luck as they prepare for their final shows. Most of them were happy and they thought did was something remarkable by the SU.
  4. Exam campaign Southend: As part of our exam campaign on the Southend campus, students were treated to free popcorns on Cheer-up Tuesday. We have also be handling out good luck packs to most of the business students who are writing examination.
  5. Student idea to reduce the rent in the University square: I had a meeting with Linda Mccanna to discuss this extensively. She made it clear that the rent was benchmarked against other Universities in our economic region (Southern and Eastern) and that what we charge is “average”. I agreed but still concluded by saying if the University accommodation is more expensive in a traditional campus (like the Colchester campus), students lose the benefits and convenience of staying on campus if they decide to stay in town cos they have to commute; they also miss out on all the on-site facilities at odd hours of the day. In Southend on the other hand, the accommodation is in town…so, those who stay outside of the accommodation don’t seem to lose so much and there would always be basis for comparison; especially as most of the off-campus accommodation here are just around the corner where the University square is located. I think there is a need to review this in September 2016. I would be sending a report on this to the SU management, the Southend campus manager and also the incoming Vice president for Southend.



Shola, May 2016.


Shola akinyemi

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