Officer Report

VP Student activities

Prospects of Free sports 

I have had a meeting with the Director of Sport who gave an overview of the situation of sports for the academic year 2017/18 and what the options might be considering sports funding is due to end 2016/17. 

Gym arrangements 

Various meetings with Director of sports, and persons involved with gym facilities, discussing the possible rearrangements of the gym to best suit the comfort of all its users. 


Planning of Fresher’s Fayre has commenced with Rae and Olga and will continue over the following month along with planning and organising of other possible events to help aid recruitment of more members to societies and sports clubs. 

New events 

I have begun discussing with Society Coordinator what ideas for events I have and some that I came across during my time campaigning and whilst talking to students. Two possible events I'm focusing on are a Society Showcase and an international Food Fair.


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