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I love tour presented and, following up from I Love Tour having to drop out from Salou, we democratically voted to go Croatia this year with a few clubs looking at booking Italy separately. Booking process is currently being sorted to arrange group leaders so that members from each club can book under their club. Advertisement material is also being looked into.

Be There or Be Square

I launched my weekly and recurring squares event on Friday which has the main purpose of creating a nice social atmosphere on squares at the end of a long week. It also hopes to be a platform to showcase societies/clubs or student talent. Takes place every Friday 7pm-9:30pm but we are looking to carry it on till later following up from feedback on the launch.

Student Idea: Society room bookings

Student feedback has been collected and I have requested to meet the university timetable manager. Meeting is scheduled in to meet with head of CTO 7/11/16.

Student idea: Time Banking

Meeting with the Promise 1 manager and the student who submitted the idea is set to come commence 26/10/16.

Sports membership model

Focus groups to present and discuss the model proposal to different groups of students are scheduled to start 24/10/16 so we should soon have some student feedback/input into the 2017/18 plans which includes the topic around the possibility of losing free sport as it currently exists at Essex.


RAG committee has now selected the 3 most suitable charities under each of the 5 categories. This will be made public to the students soon to vote on for RAG week. We also discussed what awards we could introduce and looked into other things that should be rewarded and recognised apart from donations/money raised.

November fireworks/ 2nd Fair

Final preparations and sign ups (club/socs) have been made and are continuing as we get closer to the fireworks night (4/11/16). Performances from juggling and possibly some other societies/ clubs are of interest to happen prior to fireworks display.

Sports Awards

The first sports awards meeting took place and the sports awards are set to take place 3rd May. Myself and the current blades exec have been tasked to assess last year’s sports awards with regards to seating, performances, food service/provider and the actual awards up for grabs.




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