Officer report

VP Student activities


Regular reminders to clubs and members to pay full amount for tour before the deadline (27th Jan). Also discussing with I Love Tour the contract arrangements for future years with them.

Be There or Be Square

Square’s event with the main purpose of creating a nice social atmosphere at the end of a long week. Previously this has taken place every Friday 7pm-9:30pm. This is now being reduced to every other week until the warmer period.

RAG Southend

First discussions with VP Southend and staff to set up a Southend RAG week for the 2nd week back into 2nd term with Raffles, Quizzes, games and penny wars.

2nd RAG week

Following some feedback from clubs it is in favour that we do another RAG week 2nd term. Ideas and preparations are underway. Date for 2nd RAG week will be the week commencing 30th Jan 2017.

Free sport campaign

Continuing from last month’s report, after pushing our case to keep free sport we have been successful in currently stopping the proposed model to charge clubs, charger for sports facilities and reduce/remove Just Play however we have now been given more time to discuss with the university a model that will somewhat bring financial sustainability and that we both mutually agree on. Overall this outcome from the Sports Board is a massive win and the Students Union sports staff have worked very hard to fight for this on behalf of the students.



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