Officer Report

VP Student activities


Awaiting details and processes of coach and room allocations.

2nd RAG week

2nd RAG week raised a whopping £2623.85 which has beaten our target this year and also the last 2 year’s targets. A big well done and thank you to all who participated.

Free Sport Update

(No further update available) After no proposal being mutually accepted in December regarding the sports provision at Essex we had to arrange further meetings to discuss the next steps. We have agreed with the Director of Estates and Campus services and the Director of Sport some ground rules around what we prioritise, what things we can change/ where we can charge. The main priorities are keeping Just Play as free as possible with clubs free at the point of access through membership. Meetings scheduled in for March.

Club/Society Photo

It’s been decided that the system and process by which each member types in their name is slow and susceptible to errors. A new barcode system has been arranged so that individuals scan a unique barcode to have their name/details put onto the photo. Slot booking has also been moved back to online via

Elections – Campaigning

Time off work to campaign for re-elections of VP Student Activities. During the campaigning week I spend a lot of time talking to students about my year so far, the issues they’ve encountered this year, things they would want changed and what I would like to work on if re-elected.

Elections – Aftermath

After closely winning re-election I have taken some of this time to do a review over my manifesto of both this year and next year. I am also in the process of attempting to create a combination of manifestos from all the candidates who ran as we each touched on a set of very different but important points and topics within the remit of the Job. This will be ongoing until my next term is set to start.

Exec Blades reform

To make the Essex Blades Committee more efficient I have made the meetings slightly stricter and more formal along with asking committee members to submit weekly reports prior to the meeting.

Inclusivity Campaign

Thanks to help from my Essex Blades Welfare Officer and VP Welfare and Community we are doing a Sports inclusivity campaign as build up to Derby Day. I have ordered 200 Rainbow laces to distribute to our players which we are then encouraging our members to wear and take photos with to push on social media.

Be There or Be Square

Using feedback from last term I have decide to make it less frequent (fortnightly) due to the cold season and weather. We are reviewing over how we can better market the event in preparation for spring and early summer term.



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