Officer Report

VP Student activities


After being on Tour for the first time in Croatia I would generally say it was a successful tour with regards to the students experience and welfare. We did have one member break his hand and have to go hospital however this member still enjoyed their time on Tour. Unfortunately there was one person who didn’t come on Tour when we left due to one of the coach drivers not feeling 100% comfortable they had their visa sorted. The checkouts were a bit chaotic as the hotel and Tour imposed ridiculous damage fees on the last day when no one had much money left. Eventually we decided to pay the majority out of damage deposits so that we could get passports back and get on the coaches in time. There were also some issues/misunderstandings between the coach drivers and teams which resulted in some false accusations and fines. We are currently feeding back to our teams and thinking about whether we stay with this Tour company for future. During my time there I was capturing some of the experience from 1st person perspective for promotional use next year.


For sports awards I have reviewed the layout of the sports awards hall (with regards to the table and stage) and come up with a new layout to sort out the issues we had last year around performance visibility. I’ve also started my contribution to the script Sports Awards and the Golden Guild Awards.

Third Term events

The third term is often viewed as a quiet and inactive period for the SU however I plan on organising some events for the first 3 weeks back to engage with the students after they return in order to help reduce exam/revision stress. During March I was in the ideas stage of things and have been consulting with some students to identify some viable low cost events. The ones that are going ahead are the Rapture Gaming Bus Demo and my weekly Friday event Be There or Be Square.

Room Bookings and Society Space

A recurring issue flagged throughout the year which I have been collecting feedback on over the last couple of months for when I bring up and discuss the issue in the next Student Experience Committee meeting. As part of this issue with rooms I am also currently trying to help the music Soc regain full access of their music room which has currently been restricted due to complaints.

Elections – Aftermath

(ongoing from Feb Officer report)

Exec Blades

Elections closed committee for next year has been confirmed.

Soc Guild Committee

Elections closed committee for next year has been confirmed.



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