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Sports Board

Previously it's been somewhat of a rollercoaster with regards to the sports budget – one month we felt sure we had secured something then next we were unsure and it kept goi back and forth. At the most recent, and final, board meeting we were able to argue against some of the aspects of the paper submitted for the future of sport. Although the budgets for bucs and our now reduced Just Play programme are somewhat protected, originally we were going to have to cut  club budgets down from ~110k to ~90k for 2017/18 and then further cut that from ~90k down to 20k for 2018/19 which would have been detrimental to the running and experience of clubs. The meeting was a tough couple of hours but we managed to come out of it putting off any plans for 2018/19 but being asked to make a an extra 23k cut in addition to the cut proposed for 2017/18 (the majority of this will probably come from club budgets and some from bucs). We also have had to introduce a session fee to JP sessions (£2) in order to keep the programme in attempts to help and show evidence of some sustainability, although this may sound bad it's actually a very good outcome as previous we were not sure if we were going to even have Just Play going forward. The next task is to do our best to maintain the budgets as proposed, not cut further and to get clubs to raise for money to run more independently.

Preparing for next SABB year

It's been a relatively quiet month as we say good bye to current Sabbs who did not re-run and most of us try use up our annual leave. Most of the work has been preparing plans both group (with the new Sabbs and execs) and individual. Along with reviewing over all my own previous projects from this year (BTOBS), RAG, fairs etc. I have been exploring some of the ideas that have popped up over the last few months. The major one of interest is the plan to introduce a new large event in conjunction with UEA which would essentially be societies version of “Derby Day”. This is a great opportunity for myself and societies to get creative and promote the guild more.

Society space

Following on from the Student Experience Committee a couple of months back I am in process of trying to find a series of short term solutions to the lack of sufficient space for societies to use. There are many larger rooms in NTC and TC which are made unavailable after certain hours and it was generally agree by committee members that some actions could and should be made both short term (and potentially long term). One of the short term options was to somehow extend open hours of certain buildings although estates and security have some issues with this so I am putting together a process and form by which selected society execs may gain access to the building and rooms but must sign a permission form and take responsibility for the use of space for the society. This is to be completed over then next month for review and approval by Paul Humphreys (head of security) and estates. The longer term solutions are hopefully to have some multipurpose space in the new buildings being built in the expansion plans of the university however currently it is unclear how likely this is as it requires higher committees and more authority to push this through effectively.



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