Officer Report

VP Student activities

Sabbatical/exec team

With the new incoming sabbatical officers and execs starting we have spent a lot of time together planning and preparing for the year ahead. We’ve gone into depth of each other’s individual manifestos and plans and identified key linking areas to try and draw up a joint team plan for the year or projects/priorities that we should all focus on. We have all undergone training and inductions into the organisation and our roles as officers and Trustees over an intense week of workshops. During this period we as a team have also been spending a lot of time with staff (in particular Directors) so that everyone becomes familiar with the roles, responsibilities and resources available.


As an officer for one year it was my duty to sit on a number of the graduation ceremonies as a representative from the Students’ union. I took part in the academic procession of 4 ceremonies over graduation week. I also took part in the graduation project regarding the life locks led by the sabb team 2017/18.

BUCS Conference

This year myself, Emma Sainty, Shaun Conlon and Dave Parry all went to BUCS Conference 2017 at Hertfordshire University to participate in and attend a variety of different events including workshops, Keynote speakers, network groups and competitions. The most beneficial workshops that I personally attended were those from other universities which have run programs similar to our own Just Play programme as there are some Universities which have secured funding going forward even after their Sports England Funds have ended. These workshops also gave a different perspective on how sport plays into the university Strategy along with providing ideas on how we can adapt our own program’s offer to cater to or engage different groups of students within our community. In addition to this we also met with the organisation, Outgoing, who run an alternative set of sports tours to our current partnership, I Love Tour. Outgoing has potential to be more reliable as a partner as well as more popular offer for our students.

Sports Message

Lewis H, Nick A, Emma S and Craig have been discussing how we best communicate any changes to our sports offer to the students. As I sat on the sports board and as the sabbatical officer I have been checking that the information set to go out publicly to students is correct. This is still ongoing as there were some misinterpretations of what was decided and I am still awaiting the minutes of the Sports Board to clarify some points and/or challenge any false information.


The first RAG week of 2017/18 is set to commence 30/10/17 and so I’ve begun drafting plans of what I want the week to look like. So far most of last year’s activities are being kept but reviewed and improved, especially with regards to advertising and organisation. The major addition this year is that I hope to have a day for our Clubs and Socs to spend a day doing fundraising activity in the Town centre so I am currently following the process of obtaining a licence and permit to do so.  More formal RAG committee is being called soon to distribute actions and responsibilities as well as deciding on which Charity we partner with for RAG week 1. It has been identified that having a unified and single focus for RAG seems to receive higher levels of engagement than having a split focus of 3-5 different charitable causes.



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