Officer Report

VP Student activities

Sports Message

After reassessing things the directors thought it best to take a more precautions approach to getting the information about the changes out to students. Instead we are taking it in steps and 1st contacting club presidents to give their personal feedback on how they see the changes affecting their club and sport at Essex. So far about 18 have responded and their feedback is being collected to analyse. Our next step will be to reach out to returning members involved in sport about clubs and Just Play in September before term starts. The way in which we write that message depends upon the feedback we get from presidents/club execs.

Sports Tour

Based on feedback from the students regarding their I love Tour experience it was decided that, although most feedback was positive, we should still look at possible alternative tour options. As mentioned in my previous report, myself and Emma, met with Outgoing (who run SportsVest) at BUCS conference as they were the organisation that some students suggested looking into. We put out a vote comparing I love Tour’s and SportsVest’s offers with 4 main factors which were of importance to students and the outcome was a significant majority for SportsVest.

RAG week 1

Scheduled in for 30/10/17 – 03/11/17 with the following activities in planning: Opening ceremony, RAG wars, Penny Wars, Comedy Game Show, RAG quiz. This RAG week will be focused more towards clubs and societies raising money for themselves.

Southend Societies

Working with Ernest we have looked at the Soc Guild constitution and begun making notes and separating relevant parts of it out which would need to be amended to suit Southend’s campus, students and environment. Olga is now in the process of writing it up more formally based on our feedback and notes. Once the draft is done we’ll look to get it out to our guild members for approval so that we can start to form a separate Southend Guild and committee. We’re also looking to start their own GMs down there.

Society Derby Day

Currently looking at calling it Varsity Day, this will be the societies equivalent of Derby day where our societies will face off in a variety of activities against their most relevant UEA counterpart. Music societies could do a battle of the bands, political societies could do debates or quizzes, cultural societies could compete in cooking or cultural dance routines… the list goes on we can be creative. This project is part of one of my year focuses of raising the profile of societies to the students and university. We are currently looking at all the possible ideas and activities societies could do competitively.

SULAT training

The other side of being a sabbatical officer is the Trustee role which can often be conflicting. We all had Students' Union Leadership Award for Trustees training this month.

Be There or Be Square

Reviewing my Friday squares event with regards to how often it’s done, what the event will offer, marketing of it and whether it clashes or interferes with any new plans within venues or services. Extending the event time from 7pm-9:30pm to 7pm-10:30pm.



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