Officer Report

VP Student activities

RAG: Footprint

We’ve started planning the RAG activities for 2nd term taking a different approach to not focus all the activity into one week but rather to do fewer but larger scale events spread over two months. The concept around this RAG (footprint) is for us to not only do fundraising but then to also get students to actively volunteer and give back to the community via a local cause/charity. Colchester and Tendring women’s refuge was the most voted charity. We have moved the TAS Talent show to the 8th Feb and will look to put on a fashion show.

Varsity Day

Majority of Convene meetings had somewhat low attendance. This, unfortunately, shows us that there us low interest from most for the project to go forward as it is. Currently reviewing the whole concept and project to see what we could change it to as there were some societies who were very enthusiastic about it. If happening, it will most likely now be an internal event with no/little UEA involvement (at least for this year).

Sports Feedback: 1st Term

In preparation for the Sports Board I’ve begun getting feedback from all the individual clubs to find out how they have got on/coped with the changes to our overall club budgets. So far it’s a mix of feedback with some being affected more than others.

Sports Board

Quarterly meeting with some senior staff of the uni regarding the role and progression of sport within the University’s goal/direction/community. The topics discussed were our position on BUCS, report on SU sporting activities, importance of sport, finance report and the model for Essex Sport. The sports centre are in process of getting in a consultant to look at their model and to assess the risks of trying out alternate membership options for students (such as monthly). Bryn also made clear that if clubs to not reach a set target of money raised through click then he will strongly consider cutting back further on the sports budget.


Re-launch of my squares event (Be There or Be Square) happening fortnightly starting from the 2nd week of term. Alternative night out for those who don’t like clubbing environments. Consists mainly of an open mic, performances and DJs.

Student Idea: Public Gym Equipment

Have tried via two paths to see if this is viable short term however the Director of Estates has made me aware that they already have numerous issues (relating to student’s needs from change week) that are of higher priority. Also, there is currently a problem with funding and getting permission as the land is leased by a 3rd party. This has been placed as low priority by them so won’t be something implemented in the near future.

Student Idea: Instruments for All

To gain any support and funding (most probably from the university) I am to write a report on the benefits (or potential benefits) of learning a musical instrument during studying or in higher education. This will focus around things such as academic achievement, personal development, well-being and confidence. The survey to obtain this info is being conducted by the marketing intelligence manager and will have 3 strands reaching those who have learned a musical instrument and still do, those who have learned but not been able to pursue and then those who have not at all. Once the survey is ready, has gone out and the data analysed I will then be able to complete the paper for submission to Bryn along with a proposed model for a system that allows students to pursue a musical interest with low/no barrier. Deadline for this submission is last week of term.

Student Idea: Room bookings

This idea (trying to get more daytime bookings, out of term bookings and weekend bookings) for clubs and socs was previously thought to be blocked by certain aspects of the room booking policy however that’s not necessarily the case. We have indeed seen many societies book on weekends. The hardest times to book for clubs/socs has been during the day time due to the usage of (and reservation for) academic activities. That’s not to say that a society could not book a room during the day however they would have to do more to get the room and provide more info about the specific activity so that it can be assessed more closely so that it does not disrupt any neighbouring classes etc. The processes for getting a room as such is not clear or consistent between CTO and the SU so myself and Yas are looking at the Policy again to identify ways around the booking process/system/policy.


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