Officer Report

RAG: Footprint

The quiz event by Cricket and myself (13/3/18) raised £111.05. We’ve secured a £250 cheque from an organisation with links to the university. The university have also been able to confirm that £1 will be donated to Colchester and Tendring Women’s shelter for every NSS survey filled out. The Fashion show is confirmed for the 30th April as the final large event to help us reach our target of £5000 for Colchester and Tendring Women’s Refuge.

Sports Feedback

In preparation for the Sports Board I’ve been continuing chasing up clubs for feedback find out how they have got on/coped with the changes to our overall club budgets. We are now in the process of collating all other stats and feedback as evidence to push back on cuts.

Sports Board/budgets

With the date for the next board coming closer we have been asked to submit the budget proposals for 2018/19. Based off club feedback being predominantly negative in relation to the effects that cuts have had we are putting in a proposal to maintain the current budget level for next academic year. The BUCS cost is likely to be kept the same as the university prioritise this aspect of the budget for the representation value our BUCS position gains. We have also put the same (very similar) budget for Just Play as it has been established that as a programme it is at the lowest cost to function however, as a change to the programme offering very untraditional activities we have proposed to return the drop in sessions to free.

Awards: Sports and Societies

As awards season approaches I have been reviewing all the awards applications coming in for both sports and societies. These include individual nominated awards (ESS/OSA etc.) and whole club/society awards for shortlisting. With the amount of sports clubs and societies existing there have been a large number of applications which has been the most time consuming process this month. This is also ongoing.

Striking lecturers: SU Support

As voted, the SU officers were asked to support the campaign/strikes against the pension cuts to the lecturers. We have been out in person on the picket lines on numerous mornings to actively support the campaigners (students and staff). We are expected to continue this should the strikes continue.

General Meetings

Have addressed the Blades and Guild to pass on essential information of upcoming, events, projects and updates.


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