Officer Report

VP Student activities

RAG: Footprint

Tracking the progress of RAG we had £881.55 from the talent show, £111.05 from the Quiz, £250 to be donated by Cherwell alongside £2279 from the NSS survey arrangement (£1 for each filled out) We have also been able to collect a large amount of clothes donations for the charity over an awareness week. In association with RAG we have two workshops in April. 24th April is one on Consent, Sexual Violence and Relationship abuse to make aware to people and victims what support services are available (led by CARA and University). The 2nd event is on the 26th April and will be focused on female empowerment. It is an interactive session on how to build and show confidence and how to express personal brand. The Fashion show has been moved to the 12th May as the Sports Arena/centre can’t support us in providing their venue.

Sports Board/budgets

For the Board meeting this month we submitted our budget proposal for next year with hopes of keeping the SU sports budget frozen at what it was for 2016/17 except with a 2% inflationary increase. The only other major hope was that we’d revert Just Play back to a free model for Colchester and Southend having changed the programme this current year to run non-traditional activities which have struggled somewhat due to the combo of being untraditional and with a fee attached. The board meeting itself did not run how we envisioned it. Money as such and our proposal were not discussed or approved but instead the board were asked/challenged by the chair to go away and reinvent the structure and offer of sport so that is financially efficient and to avoid two organisations (Uni and SU) from both trying to deliver the same/similar sporting provision at various levels.


I have commenced my handover to Frances starting with introducing her to the major meetings which she will be responsible for. This month she was invited to the Sports Board meeting and will be involved in the awards ceremonies to present an award or two.

Awards: Sports and Societies

As awards season approaches closer I have been part of deciding the winners for each of the society awards and sports (club and individual) awards by sitting in panels assessing each nominee and application. I’ve also been working on my individual parts (speeches and presenting) within the different awards as I’m essentially hosting both the Sports Awards and Society & Rebel awards.

Be There or Be Square

With summer on its way the square event has been much more of a hit with the students. We have started to incorporate more student DJs in the schedule to provide a more diverse set of music. Also based off feedback I have run this event in the Easter to cater for students who are back early and those who remain here (e.g. postgrads/internationals). I am looking to carry this on after end of summer term as well as doing similar activity during some of Derby Day.

SU Parliament

Along with the other Sabbs I have helped push out the idea of Parliament to students through influential/popular students with networks. I have done so with a video talking about Parliament as well as social media posts and emails.


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