VP Student activities

Soc Guild Investment & Training

Following on from last month’s report I have been starting to write up a training programme that execs can take. It would comprise of a demonstration, a short paper test and then practical session to do a practice set up. Still needs tweaking and finalising.

The End

As the SU representative and link between the students participating, the SU and the university I supported the setups on both squares 3 and 4 whilst also making sure the societies guild were represented during the event.


I have continued my squares event on Fridays for the students who are still around as there is lack of activity during the summer period despite many postgrads and students still being present. I’ve also started introducing Frances to the event/idea to carry on after my term as VP ends.

Music for All

After having the results in, processed and analysed I have had a few meetings with our Marketing intelligence team,  to go over the data and have now started writing the report. I’ve set myself the deadline of Friday 29th June just before I finish as VP. I’ll also discuss the paper and its implications with Frances so that she is well equipped to carry the project forward.


As the end of my time as VP draws near I must make sure the next VP (Frances) is prepared. I have been holding shadowing sessions with the VP elect as well as talking her through projects and important documents I’ve created/used/collected over the 2 years. I’ve also answered her questions and set her some tasks for before she starts but have agreed to be around for July to support her as she settles in.


If you have got any questions or comments about my report please post them below or contact me at vpactivities@essex.ac.uk.