Officer Report

VP Student Activities

V-Team + Catalyst project

As part of a larger catalyst project run by the university I have been asked to help them and V-Team in reaching some targets, one of which is getting 1300 students involved in volunteering to at least 2600 by end of 2017-18. It has been identified that the first steps for us is to at least capture what we know students are doing (which may not be logged or recorded). I’ve implemented new standards criteria in both societies and sports to provide an incentive and encourage execs to create a volunteering profile along with logging their hours. The criteria varies slightly between societies and sports as the standards systems are different however they both have the same principle. Both generally require execs to create a volunteering profile and log a certain number of hours to achieve the different levels ranging from Bronze to Gold.

Sports Message

As we get closer to the start of term it became urgent and essential to inform the returning students of the changes within sport. Based on the message sent out to presidents for initial feedback I constructed an email more targeted for returning Just Play participants and club members to both give students the opportunity to give feedback/criticism on the changes but also to ensure them that we have worked hard to achieve such arrangements for the future of sport and realise that they have played a part in helping us do so. The message was also reviewed, amended and checked by both Reeves, Steve and finally Alex Berry before distribution.

Be There or Be Square

Putting in final plans to re-launch Be There or Be Square on the 22nd October. I have begun head hunting students who may want to sing/perform and general invites to societies to perform will be sent out during first week of term. RAG week 1

Scheduled in for 30/10/17 – 03/11/17 with the following activities in planning: Opening ceremony, RAG wars, Penny Wars, Comedy Game Show, RAG quiz. Previously RAG week was planned to be focused more towards clubs and societies raising money for themselves however this may change as we have had more applications from charities and also had requests to help fundraise to help those affected by the hurricane disasters in the Caribbean. Shortlist of charities to be put out in a Poll either 1st or 2nd week of term.

Southend Societies

As we look to separate the constitution to form a separate Southend societies Guild with its own system I am also creating a training booklet which should complement the training sessions carried out at the campus. Hopefully this will also help make the society execs more independent as they will have most of the essential information/training in an easily accessible document. I am half way through creating the booklet and when finished will have it processed, approved and amended appropriately by Kirsty M and Ernest so that it suits Southend society execs.

Arrivals Preparations

For Arrivals the sabs are taking over square 3 and each playing music at a given time. Glen and his team have already made plans for some of arrivals Sunday so we are feeding our plans to them so we can simply take control of their set up from around 3pm onwards.


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