VP Student Activities - March 2016



March has been a extremely busy month for both clubs and societies. Firstly i will start of with the RAG Abseil event that happened on the 18th of March. organising the abseil event to alot of time but im extremely happy we did it ,as together student and staff we manage to fundraise over nine thousand pounds. In total we had 120 people abseil down the north towers and all for great causes. The university loved the abseil and were really keen on supporting it to happen next year. Overall it was a successfull event and we got what we wanted from the event. this past month we had both club and society elections,which also went well as we had over 5000 students voting in the elections. From these elections we now have all the vital commitee postions filled for clubs and society. We also have a new socities guild committee for next year and if you want to know who the new commitee  members  are thenhead to the SU Website. Aswell as elections we have had for both clubs and societies award panels to determine who recieves an award for all their hard work. All of the award panels finished last week and the winners will be recognised and celebrated at the award nights. A on going project that i am still working is  socieites hub andmaking tuesday a day for societies. this has beenhard to kick start however week by week we have been getting more engagement from societies and they now use the socieites hub as a volunteering opportunity and also promoting their society. 

Upcoming projects that i am currently working on are sports awards,derby day, alumni weekend, international university tournement and charity networking event. These are all massive projects and are now in the final stages of planning for them. For the sports awards all the catering is done and tickets are on sale for the evening event. i am currently working with sports clubs to plan how the night will run and this year we will be including live performances between the awards. I  am also currently with 13 of our sports club in salou for a sports tournement. so overall there are alot of projects happening next term and i am looking forward to them all. 


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