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Welcome students! I am so thrilled to have you all with us again! I hope you have all had a great October! I certainly have J

I have loved meeting so many new students and welcoming back some familiar faces! Here are some of the things I have been getting on with this month:

Community organising:

I took part in a session led by Ex-President Chantel le Carpentier on community organising. It was a great opportunity for the Executive to look at how their campaigns can affect the local area. We talked about what makes us mad and how we can change things for students at Essex.

Night Safety:

I am part of a working group that is looking at student safety during and after nights out on campus; we are looking at how we can better support the welfare needs of students. We will look at issues like spiking, the working of St Johns and how Night Ninjas can support.

Fresher’s Week:

Fresher’s week was a great way to get involved with meeting and talking to as many students as possible. I really enjoyed greeting new students and helping them to get settled into life at Essex. I took time to partake in some of the fresher’s week events, including the wallpaper party and Colour Run. It was great to see so many new students immersing themselves into the Student’s Union.

Welcome Talks:

I gave a large number of welcome talks to students in order to explain the way the union works and how they can get involved with the students union. It was a great way to welcome students to Essex and to encourage them to make the most out of life at Essex and their SU Membership.


I went to most of the different liberation and section mixers; this was a great way to engage with individual groups of students. It has been good to find out what we can do to help individual groups of students feel more like a part of the union.

Liberation Networks:

I attended the first meeting of the Liberation Networks to represent Disabled students and to see what issues disabled students have on campus that we can work on fixing.

SU Advice Shift:

I spent one week doing shifts in SU Advice to offer the team support during the busiest time of the year. I took non visa appointments which was a great way to directly help students.

Black History Month:

I attend some of the events in Black History Month I would like to thank all of the Officers and staff for their amazing work on this campaign. The events were great and I learnt loads!

Politicising Campus:

I have been attending some Political Society events such as the Labour Meet and Greet; this is in order to engage students in the work of NUS and to discuss how national policy affects students on a local level.

Mental Health Stall:

The North Essex Partnership came onto campus to raise awareness of Mental Health. This was a part of World Mental Health Day and was a great way of telling students about issues whilst showing them where to get support.

Self Defence:

Last week I held some very successful self-defence sessions for students, they were well received and provided students with a basic grounding in some self-defence that they can use in times of need. If you are interested in these sessions please drop me an email in case we choose to run them again.

Review of Distance Learning and PGR students:

I am currently sitting on a group looking at the intricacies of distance learning and Post Graduate Research students; if you fall into one of these student groups and have any comments please drop me an email.

As always I am contactable by my email so please get in touch with any comments or questions.

Best Wishes


VP Welfare and Community J


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