Officer Report

VP Welfare and community

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my officer report! I hope you find it interesting to see what I have been up to this month! J

Below is an overview of most of the big things I have been doing this month!

Mental Health Survey

This month over 350 of you filled out the first section of the Mental Health Survey! Thanks so much to all of you and congratulations to the voucher winners! I am looking forward to sharing the results of the survey with you all and looking at what we can do to continue the project!

Night Safety

The Night Safety group is hard at work preparing for a campaign to help support students to have the best nights out on campus! Keep your eyes peeled for more info to come!

NUS Zones 

At the end of last month I attended NUS Zones conference. I spent time talking to other sabbatical officers and making sure that Essex is securely on everyone’s radar! I was involved in discussions around the NHS in specific relations to NHS funded courses. I also spent time  giving my feedback on NUS in order to help shape democracy.

NUS Demo

I attended an NUS demonstration with a group of Essex Students. It was great to see so many of you engaging with NUS on a practical level. I was very happy to be able to support the students to go to the demo and then to work with the Disabled Students Campaign so that I could be involved.

Trustee Conference

I went to most of the different liberation and section mixers; this was a great way to engage with individual groups of students. It has been good to find out what we can do to help individual groups of students feel more like a part of the union.

Remembrance Day

I would like to express my gratitude to the University for a wonderful Remembrance Day service.

Regional Networking

One of the sabbaticals from the University of East Anglia, Amy, came to visit Essex. It was lovely being able to show her around and to show off the wonderful work we do here at Essex su.

Sexual Harassment

I am working with the University to tackle sexual harassment and hate crime to have a cross organisational approach.

Supporting Students

I have been taking time to talk to students to offer them support during this tough time of term! Let me know what sort of things are causing you stress so that I can help you to have the best time you can at Essex SU.

Officer Question Time

I really enjoyed the last officer question time; it was great being able to give some feedback to students of what I have been doing. I am still working on supporting students through drink spiking, remember that you can ask at any of our bars for free spikeys to put in your drinks. You can also get free water from all of our bars.

Shadow a Sabb

I am offering students the opportunity to shadow me if they are interested in becoming VP Welfare and Community. This is to give you all the chance to see what it’s really like to be a sabbatical.

As always I am contactable by my email so please get in touch with any comments, questions, if you want to be involved with a project or if you want to shadow me.


Best Wishes


VP Welfare and Community J


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