Officer report

VP Welfare and community

Round up of Term 1:

Wow, that was super-fast! Term one is over and here at Essex SU I am busy preparing for your return. I thought I would give you all a quick round up of everything that has happened so far this academic year and give you some stuff to look forward to in Term 2 J

In the past 6 months I have been working on…

Student Safety:
  1. Last term we placed a real importance on student safety. We ran just play self-defence  classes for students. These were hugely successful and we are looking at running some more this term so keep your eyes peeled!
Mental Health:
  1. This term saw over 370 students complete our survey on Wellbeing, I am now working with departments to use the results to ensure that we are looking after the wellbeing concerns of all our students.
  2. We also had a stall in November to promote support for Mental Health.
Night Safety:
  1. I have been involved in meetings with the Night Safety group to make sure that nights out for students are safe. I have been working to support Night Ninjas and St Johns Ambulance.
  2. I have also been carrying out some Sober Observational Nights in the venues.
Welcome to new students:
  1. I spent a lot of the first time working hard to make sure that new students felt welcomed and a part of the Essex family. It has been lovely to meet so many new students and so sad to say goodbye to those on exchange that left at the end of term. I hope that they enjoy their continued studies around the world and feel that Essex will forever be a family for them to return to.
Welfare and Community Exec:
  1. This term saw a start to the Welfare and Community Exec and the new page on the website. There are still some changes being made but I am thrilled to see how this takes hold over term 2.
  1. It was great to see the work SUHomes did to give students support and advice on the process of letting houses and what to look out for. I am looking forward to talk to students over the coming months to see how their plans for moving off campus for next year are going.
Out In Sport:
  1. It was great to welcome Melantha Chittenden, NUS’s LGBT+ (Womens Place) Officer, who came to talk to students to help us shape our Out in Sport Campaign. I am very much looking forward to working with Taran on this project and to seeing it launch later this term.
SU Advice:
  1. I really enjoyed taking appointments in SU Advice last term; it was great to take a more hands on approach to supporting students. I am forever in awe of the super work that our team does across all three campuses, they are all amazing!
Liberation Campaigns:
  1. I spent a large amount of last term attending different events held by our wonderful liberation officers. Well done to those of you who held the events.
  2. I also attended a great event run by The Employability and Careers Centre which looked at disability and employment. Thanks to those that worked hard to get such a great event on for our students.
  1. I have spent time over the last 6 months attending various NUS events to take the views of Essex Students to them. I have engaged with various Officers of the NUS to ensure that Essex’s voice is at the heart of NUS. I have also been able to bring the very best parts of NUS’ campaigns to Essex.
National Recognition:
  1. I have also spent time working on Essex SU’s voice nationally, this involved speaking at a Policy UK conference.


That’s all from term 1, but here is some of the stuff to look forward to this term J 

Mental Health:
  1. Last term was just the start for this campaign. So keep your eyes peeled for more surveys and fun freebies for you all!  
Leadership Race:
  1. I am due to face my final curtain at Essex SU in June and this term the hunt is on for my replacement! So if you think you would like my job or like a bit more info please get in touch. I am offering students the chance to shadow me to see if they would like to run for my position.
Out in Sport:
  1. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of this campaign. It’s gonna be great!
Welfare and Community:
  1. This term I will be expanding the Welfare and Community section of the website and gearing up for the Welfare and Community Awards 2017!

Keep your eyes peeled for all of the events and campaigns being run this term! Also please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me if you have any comments or questions. My email is

Hope that you have all had a wonderful winter break and I would like to wish luck to those of you with January exams!

Jess J


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