Officer Report

VP Welfare and community

March has been a busy month in the world of welfare! Here are some of the cool projects I have been working on:

Mental health campaign

I have been working with unions across all three campuses to plan a mental health campaign that goes across all campuses. I have now got a fab team of mental health ambassadors and I can't wait for the campaign to be rolled out to students

Community work

 I have been Working with Saffy (Vp international) to strengthen our ties to the local community and I'm looking forward to giving students some fab opportunities to work with the community.

Mental health campaign day

Took two ambassadors on a great campaign day run by NUS which has helped to give us some fab ideas for campaigns on our campus. We were also given the chance to directly feedback to the Disabled a Students Campaign about the work they do and their focuses.

Welfare awards

This year the welfare awards will be part of the VTeam awards as a separate category and I am so excited to celebrate all of the fantastic work students are doing at Essex!

NUS Conferences

I have been working to ensure that delegates to conferences feel supported and I am thrilled to be attending Women’s, Disabled and National Conference to support the students at Essex SU.

Nursery fees

I have also had a meeting with the university to discuss fees for the nursery. And if you have any opinions you would like to share please send me an email at

As always I am happy to take your comments and concerns, if you have any ideas of campaigns you would like to run please email me.


Wishing you all a fab Easter break!



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