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VP Welfare and community

I hope you enjoyed your easter breaks and are ready to come back and study hard before exam season!

It’s been a very busy month for me in terms of representing students and have unfortunately submitted this report late due to being at NUS National Conference on deadline day.

Here is a run down of everything I have been up to this month:

NUS Women’s Conference

At the start of the month I travelled to Solihull for NUS Women’s Conference with two delegates from Essex. It was a fantastic week where we voted on policies and the officer lead for the Women’s campaign for next year. We were also given these fantastic officer burn out guides and I had great fun reading them and deciding how the info inside can be communicated to Essex students.

Robin Cancer Trust

I had a fab meeting with the Robin Cancer Trust about how to make students more aware and to encourage students to check themselves more regularly. We also discussed how they could make their materials more accessible for students.

Wake Up to Wellbeing

I have had great fun with this project over the past year and am very excited that we are finally ready to launch on the 9th May so keep your eyes peeled!

Welfare Awards

I am super excited to announce that we are joining the V-Team awards this year. I cannot wait to celebrate the fantastic achievements of so many volunteers, especially those that have worked hard to support me as VP Welfare and Community.

Disabled Students Conference

I had a fantastic time in Manchester for DSC this year. I was thrilled that the two policies Essex put through, around Employability and Mental Health have been adopted by the campaign. I am looking forward to seeing what the campaign does.

Consultation day on Sexual Harrassment

It was fantastic to join with staff from the University and ECU to discuss how we are going to tackle sexual harassment and support students and staff who are victims. I am really excited to see the joint approach on this topic from both the University and the Union.


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VP Welfare and Community


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