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A warm welcome back to all students! I hope you all had a good break over Easter and you are all ready to come back and Kick Ass in your summer exams!  (Even if the weather suggests it is autumn!) This has been a very strange month for me within the SU! I started the month in Salou as a welfare representative for the second week of tour. I was there to offer assistance to our students if any issues arose. I then came back to join in with the training of our new Executive Team and Student Trustees, this was exciting because I got to help with some of the training aspects. They are all amazing and I can’t wait to begin working with them. The beginning of training with a new team is always a tough process because I am still in a wonderful sabb team whilst trying to grow relationships with a new team! It has started to occur to me how much I will miss the new team when they move on to bigger and better things in the summer! However, I am excited to work with a new team and to start a fresh building with new relationships.

Then came:

NUS National Conference…

I spent last week amongst some of the most inspiring members of the student movement, and have returned with plenty of ideas on how to make our students union the most student centred organization in the world! Whilst at conference myself and the other Essex Delegates voted on motions which will affect the students on our campuses, from student media involvement in elections to Esports inclusion in BUCS; all was given healthy and balanced debate before voting. I also took part in voting for and supporting candidates for full time officer elections at conference. I voted on those whom I felt would be best placed to help our students here at Essex and am very pleased to say that some of those candidates were elected to full time national positions. I will be working with the other delegates to produce a full report of Essex’s involvement in National Conference. If you have any questions or concerns please email them on to .


Some of the other projects I have worked on this month I am currently working on are:

Mood Up Monday

I travelled to Loughton with Chantelle from the SU Advice team on Monday 18th April. We held Mood Up Monday, handing out Candy Floss and Popcorn; we had fruit and leaflets on the different wellbeing and welfare services available to the students. We also had their member of the University wellbeing team and Mind West Essex there on the day handing out freebies and advice to students. The day was well attended and received by students, and I really hope it is an indicator of a more positive relationship between the students union and Loughton Students.

The Towers

On the first day of National Conference the decision was made that Adrian would be better to come back to Essex and deal with the Lighting in the Towers. Therefore it was decided that I would stay in Brighton and attend National Conference. There were many reasons as to why this decision was taken and it meant that we could still have a lead delegate who had been heavily involved within NUS as a representative for Essex. I made sure that I was being informed on the situation with the towers whilst away and was ready to come back at any point if needed. I came back on Friday morning and was ready to help in any ways I could.

Welfare Forum: I am thrilled to announce that we have now elected a secretary for the forum, congratulations to Rosie Redstone.

Welfare Awards

I have been working with staff and students to create the first ever Welfare and Community Awards. We are holding them on Tuesday 10th May from 7pm in the Hex. This is an event I have been very passionate about all year because I want to celebrate the hours and hours of time given up by all of our amazing welfare teams!

Exam Campaign

I am currently working with other sabbaticals and staff members to see what ways in which we can best support you all in to succeed in your summer exams, so keep your eyes peeled for more information!

All that is left for me to do is to wish you all a very successful exam season!

As always if you have any questions or concerns please email me at!


All the best,








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