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As the end of this academic year draws to a close I am reflecting on my first year in office, on the things I have achieved and the projects I want to spend more time on next year!

I have learnt lots this year and hope that I can move on and grow from mistakes made during the first year in office to be a better more efficient VP Welfare and Community next year.

This past month saw my biggest achievement to date, the first ever Welfare and Community Awards held by the Students’ Union. The ceremony was an event designed to celebrate the achievements of our countless volunteers and employees to the welfare teams of the students union. The ceremony was a great way to reward those students and provided them with great awards to put on their CV’s. The night was well attended and a great success. I look forward to planning next year’s ceremony to make the event bigger and better.

I recently attended an NUS day conference in London which was centred on Lad Culture. I was thrilled to report on all the great work that we do here in Essex around consent and training for our student staff and sports teams. The day was a great event where we could share best practise and I came away with loads of great new ideas for next year! I am excited to plan a new campaign for Out In Sport for the teams here at Essex and to plan more consent workshops for students. I will be writing a blog which outlines my plans for tackling lad culture next year, and it will be published in the summer.

This month has been very stressful for many of our students as exams have taken over. I have been working hard to make sure we are holding plenty of opportunities to help you with stress relief. We have held regular puppy petting sessions which have been well attended by students and I would like to thank all of the dogs and owners who have given up their time to offer stress relief for students.

I have also spent a lot of time this month attending the various awards ceremonies the Union have put on to celebrate the achievements of so many students. I would like to congratulate all of the winners and nominees of the various awards ceremonies this year, you are all amazing!

I would like to offer my congratulations to all students who have completed exams this year and I can’t wait to see so many of you return next year. I am looking forward to Graduation to help celebrate the achievements of this year’s Graduates and I would like to wish you all a wonderful last week of term and a fabulous summer!


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