WOMEN'S Officer

Women’s Mixer

I am in the process of planning the Women’s Mixer, which will take place on the 4th of October. It will take place in Top Bar this venue is wheelchair accessible. I am already promoting the event on Facebook and the page will update you regularly.

Student Liberation Network

As part of the Women’s Network, a student idea that passed this summer, we will be hosting a Liberation Network during Fresher’s Week. It will be a Women’s, LGBT*, BAME and disabled students’ event. The venue will be LBT 4, it will not be selling alcohol and be wheelchair accessible. At the event, we will be introducing the networks, as it will give students the opportunity to be engaged within their liberation(s). This year, the Networks will be intersectional; meaning representation of other liberations will be present at the respective meetings. We will introduce all the reps that can be elected, explain how the election process works and answer all liberation questions. Keep an eye out for posters and Facebook posts!

Black History Month Women’s Event

Save the date! On the 18th of October we are going to have a great Black History Month Women Empowerment event on campus. Together with a team of amazing ladies, the Sisterhood and Solidarity – Women who change the world event is planned. We invited several speakers for the panel and there will be an opportunity for Q&A and networking after the panel. Soon, we will publish the list of attendees, so make sure you like our Facebook event page. It will be shared on the @UoEWomen Facebook and Twitter page.

Social Media

In order to spread the work about the Women’s Mixer, the student liberation network and general events happening in October, I have used social media as a platform. You can find all the liberations officers on Facebook and Twitter, the Women’s liberation can be found under @UoEWomen on both Twitter and Facebook.

Consent Awareness for International Students

BAME Officer Leshandra, VP International Saffy and I met up to discuss a new campaign we would like to launch. It will be targeted at the international community at our university. Consent is an important issue that cannot be discussed often enough. We are aiming this campaign at the international community, as the discourse we can find on campus is not inclusive enough. Taboos vary from culture to culture; therefore we will put a lot of work into reaching to everyone to talk about sexual consent and harassment in various forms.

Gym Marketing Proposal

I had a meeting with the marketing team of the gym about intersectional and representative marketing work for the gym. For this year, we would like a body positive message on gym posters. The meeting was very successful and the marketing team understood the importance of this. I am looking forward to be doing more work with the gym marketing team and seeing great, inclusive messages around the gym.

16 Days of Activism

I have started organising 16 Days of Activism which will last from International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on the 25th of November to Human Rights Day, on the 10th of December. I will be working with societies and charities in town to raise awareness about the importance of feminism and female empowerment.


This organisation is located in Colchester Town and I have been in touch with them to organise an event for Women’s Week in March. For any more ideas, please get in touch with me via email (, Facebook or Twitter.

Meeting the Community

Together with VP International Saffy, we went to the Saints Meeting where people from Colchester meet once every two months. This year, the Exec Team is aiming to reach out to Colchester more, establish bonds and become one big community. We were able to hear a lot of interesting insights and share our contact details in case anyone is interested in any of our events or is looking to create new events.


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