Officer Report

WOMEN'S Officer

Period Pride

This month, I hosted Essex first Period Pride Week, which was very successful. On Monday, the Environmental Officer Emma and I hosted a session about eco-friendly periods and the mooncup. We started selling the mooncup on Monday and the proceeds are going to Colchester Refuge. On Tuesday, I hosted an event with Feminist Society about the different perceptions about menstruation in different cultures. On Wednesday, the Environmental Officer, Feminist Society and I had a stall on square to sell mooncups and cupcakes in order to fundraise for the refuge in town. On Friday our week ended with a panel event on why we need Period Pride. It was very successful as one of our speakers was Essex own feminist activist. The other speaker was Mandu Reid from the Cup Effect, a charity to help menstruation in developing countries.

Perparation for Women’s Week

Most importantly, there will be a great gig in Base on International Women’s Day featuring great bands. Entry is £3! The name of the event is RIOT! And you can find it on the Essex events page and on Facebook ( Proceeds will go to Girls Rock London.


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