Officer Report

WOMEN'S Officer

Awareness of the Women’s Officer

To begin my journey as a Women’s Officer I have been focusing on talking to students to make them aware of myself and my role within the Student’s Union. I have aimed to make students feel as if they have a say and are part of family. I decided to talk to female students directly about their issues in relation to being a female at University of Essex to give myself an insight of the troubles they may encounter. To make students aware of the presence of the Women’s Officer at University of Essex, I have been posting regularly on social media.

International Women’s Week

I have been planning large events that will be taking place next year during International Women’s Week. With the assistance of the Open Portfolio Officer, we have decided on the range of events that will take place such as an empowerment talk from a female alumnus. Also, we planned how we can tackle the issue of accommodating students from each campus to enable them to participate during this celebratory week. Additionally, we have actively discussed ideas on how we can make these events a success.

Me and our Open Portfolio Officer have been reaching out to the Women’s Network Committee to discuss how we can organise events during the coming academic


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