Officer Report

WOMEN'S Officer

Freshers Fairs

Assisting with the Loughton and Southend Freshers Fairs was an enjoyable experience for me to meet students in person, particularly hearing what female students would like to see at university. Speaking to female students on a one-to-one I understood the various needs and wants of female students. Therefore, I am planning to hold a survey for students soon to ask female students what they would like to see at University of Essex for women.

This was a great opportunity for me to grow the Women’s Network membership and now the current membership is rising rapidly.

Women’s Mixer

This was the first event held for female students. It was another great opportunity to gain memberships for the Women’s Network. There was a great turnout and every student that I had the opportunity to speak to was able to sign up for the Women’s Network. Throughout this event I promoted the Students’ Union’s services offered such as SU Advice, SU React, SU Ideas etc. It was a very successful event.

Safe Nights Out Meetings

Currently at Southend we are planning to run a Safe Nights Out campaign after a few concerning responses the SU has received from Freshers week and from the previous academic year. This campaign is combining two issues that are rising concerns at the Southend campus. I will be working with two students to run this. This campaign is focused around alcohol awareness and harassment; understanding how alcohol can impact an individual’s actions/understanding how much to drink and the discussion of sexual harassment etc. in clubs. We intend to launch this campaign by late November.

Women’s Mixer

I have discussed to hold a Women’s Mixer at the Southend Campus with VP Southend as many female students have personally shown me interest in throughout Welcome Week and other events I have attended such as EBS and Nursing Networking Events.


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