Officer Report

WOMEN'S Officer

Safe Nights Out Campaign Launch

This was a very enjoyable evening in the Student Lounge at the Southend Campus. It was an exciting approach to spread awareness about sexual harassment and promote the impacts of alcohol. This event consisted of T-Shirt customisation on the Safe Nights Out campaign, followed by a short speech from myself and a student. This was a great opportunity for me to discuss how important it is for students to:

o Report any misconduct

o Look after themselves and their peers on a night out

o Encourage students to walk in groups

o Try to stay hydrated when drinking alcohol

Students who later wore these customised T-Shirts to the clubs afterwards would be able to get a free hot drink from the lounge. I think this was a great opportunity to spread awareness about the campaign and this can potentially influence the way in which clubs operate in Southend.

In the long term, I look to have meetings with the Southend club managers on the training of their staff, particularly the DJs, to ensure their staff are aware of the atmosphere in clubs and to use the correct language. Additionally, the Students’ Union may have the opportunity to reinforce the ‘Talking Angela’ tactic as utilised by the Colchester Students’ Union.

Women’s Week Preparations

I have been organising women’s week where we have a few events running in Colchester and Southend, these events will consist of talks from Alumni. I am in the process of waiting to share my ideas with Maryhee for Loughton students.

Assisting in Southend

I have been actively involved with the Southend SU, this includes attending SU Ambassadors and SU Lounge Committee meetings. I have also had the opportunity to chair the SU Ambassador meeting.


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