Officer Report

WOMEN'S Officer

Library’s Liberate Your Library Campaign

The Colchester library is running a campaign on inclusivity which I have been assisting with. The library is aiming to improve its services to accommodate students from different backgrounds. The aim of this campaign is to identify any barriers students may have whilst utilising the library due to their gender, race, disability or sexual orientation. To gain more understanding on this I have been assisting them to carry out focus groups with the Women’s Network.

CSEE Women’s Network

The CSEE department have been searching for a way in which women can support each other in the CSEE field. I have been working with them to inspire a global shift in the attitude of women in STEM. The have formed a Women’s CSEE group which held their first event on Tuesday 23rd January which enabled people to meet other students or staff in this field. This was a great opportunity to discuss issues women face in CSEE and search for any potential solutions. They created New Year’s Resolutions for the CSEE Women’s Network which were also discussed. I was able to promote this event and have many of the Women’s Network students attend this event.

Jesus Alive Fellowship Society

The Jesus Alive Fellowship Society decided on separate meetings for men and women. Their society’s reasoning provided was to create a safe space for males and females to discuss topics they would not discuss if this was a combined discussion. This idea was developed to accommodate their members, however they still have chosen to not promote this as a seclusion, such as ‘men only’ or ‘women only’. I believe this does not exempt any students from any opportunity, hence I do not think this can be seen unequal. Due to this, I have decided to approve of these separate meetings and this will be proceeded under the Student's Union Safe Space policy.

Promoting the SU Leadership Race

Actively promoting the SU Leadership Race and informing students about the positions that are available for students in the SU, particularly for the Women’s Officer position and offering students the opportunity to discuss the role with me.

Female-Only Swimming Sessions at Colchester Leisure World

A group of female students decided to take public action on having for all female-only swimming session. This was due to be held in December, however this was postponed because of weather conditions in December. The public action took place on 11th of February, given the proximity to Valentine’s Day this public action held the theme of ‘sharing the love’. I heavily promote this to emphasise the importance of using Leisure World for females and the way we need to act upon this issue by taking students comfort zone as a significant matter. I clearly identified the aim of the event to have a positive approach in drawing the local Councils support. VP International has been effectively working for this campaign.

Organisation for International Women’s Day

On 8th March I hope to be having an event in Southend and Colchester where alumni discuss their journey after graduation. I have been preparing the trail blazers, itinerary for the event and alumni that will be invited.


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