Women's Officer March 2016


Sub Zero policies

The expansion of zero tolerance policies in SU venues has been confirmed with majority votes on SU Ideas. It will take full effect as soon as possible. This SU Idea also revoked the rule that students will not receive bans if their guests do.

Womens Week

Womens Week was a success; stalls, music nights and the Networking Event ran smoothly and everyone seemed to enjoy it.


Recently, there has been much discussion over womens’ experiences in our campus gym as members are not feeling as comfortable as they should be. There is currently a survey out awaiting  results.


Another agenda is tackling safety off campus. Along with the VP of Welfare and Community, we are planning self-defence classes and will look into making off-campus routes safer when travelling home.

Women of the Future Campaign

Currently working with the President to raise awareness for the campaign. As well as, help create funding so we can hit that £500,000 target. We have made signs in order to promote this and will follow up in term three.


If you have got any questions or comments for Anne-Marie on her March report please post them below.


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