Request Wall

What's the product request wall?

The Product Request wall is something that both shops (The Store and The Extra Store) have near their entrance. It's an easy way for students to request any products they would like to see in the shops on campus. Since the SU is run by students, for students, it's important that your voice is heard. 

Just a heads up, the request wall is only for products, so anything else (requests for later opening hours, hugs, ponies etc.) should go through SU React or SU Ideas.


Recent Updates*

*what's going on with our most popular requests

HALAL - We have recently added an amazing section of halal sandwiches in The Extra Store, and are working constantly with our supplier to improve the range. Make sure to give us some feedback if you have any ideas.


Frequently Asked Questions


Lower the Prices!

The Students' Union works hard with external suppliers to ensure we are able to offer the best value prices that we are able to. Every penny spent in the Retail areas goes back towards the running of the Union in one way or another. We run special offers and lower prices when we can and where it will not affect the contribution that is needed to help maintain the core services of the SU. We aim to be transparent in everything we do, because we are run by students, for students - so for more information about where our money comes from and where it goes, take a look at our SU finances page.


Where Can I Find...

Looking for something in particular? Vegan and vegetarian foods are in both shops, but the Extra Store has more speciality options. (That counts for gluten free, too.) Otherwise, feel free to ask any staff member on the shop floor - they're more than happy to help, and they're like a fountain of stocking information. It'll be a lot faster to do it that way than to put it through as a request, especially if you think we might already carry what you're looking for.


What's the difference between the two shops?

We try to ensure both shops contain the staple items such as chocolate, crisps, soft drinks etc. but we do not want them to be identical. (Otherwise, what would be the point of having two lovely and diverse shops?) We decided to create The Extra Store so that we could stock a larger range of products that you want to see. The Extra Store is more niche, carrying your free from items, your sports nutrition and your international foods. In there you also get your main hot food offerings and all sorts of specialty sandwiches from gluten free to vegan to halal (and more). The store is a more traditional convenience shop, with the basic meal deal and all the expected ambient items. This is where you get your alcohol, your Chinese food, and all your normal chilled options. The Store is the place to go for daily shop; The Extra Store is where you go for something a little different.




    Write a request and pop it in the box in the entryway of The Store or The Extra Store. Make sure to add your email or the results of your request will forever remain a mystery.


    We'll take the request and add it to our database (similar to Santa's wish list). We have a big meeting once a week to look at it and go through what's possible and what's not.


    We'll check if we can get what you're looking for. If we aren't able to get it in, we'll let you know; if we can, proceed to the next step to find out what happens next.


    Once we find the best supplier, we'll aim to get it in as soon as possible and will keep you updated on the result and when it arrives.