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My name is Nana Dompre and I'm VP Services and Communications. I’m a second-year communication and digital culture student who enjoys multiple aspects of the university, seeking to achieve the best possible university experience. On a side note, a little bit about me: I’m passionate about hosting events so if you're interested in house/techno or DnB events, contact me for future opportunities. Welcome to the family which is Essex University. 

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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the first blog post of many!  This body of work will consist of daily to weekly updates of the projects which I will be overseeing throughout my time as VP services & communications.

My main aim this year is to ensure that every student that attends our university is receiving the 'Kickass Membership' that we have promised them.

Always remember that you are the voice of the SU and collectively are the reason why I am in the position that I am in so if you see me around campus always feel free to say hey or drop me an email whenever.


Nana - VP Sevices and Communication 

Team bonding

This was the first week of starting my dream placement where I met my other colleges (Sabbs) and participated in multiple team building excuses. All varying from treasure hunts to trips to the Colchester Zoo, giving us an extremely important intimate time together to build the relationship we need for the long year ahead. Nice little introduction before the heavy/boring training starts.

Will keep you all updated on my process


Nana - VP Services and Communication 


We had to element " IT ENDS NOW" a campaign which was so successful at our Colchester campus. The idea of this campaign was to make everyone aware that as a university, union and a family that sexual harassment or assault will not be tolerated. With the work of the university and the union, we were able to turn around this campaign from the backlash of events within 3 days which requires hard work and dedication to do so. It’s extremely important to thank the marketing team within the student’s union and VP Warfare (Taran Evenhill) and everyone else who helped make this campaign come to shape. Which such a sensitive and important topic, it’s important that we are able to come as one to give the people around us support.


the fight against harassment 

Today marks the day of our fight against sexual harassment and our event today came together with the hard work of the student’s union and the backing of the university. Everyone came together during lunch time to come together as one on squares 3 to show our support for sexual harassment. We had the Vice-chancellor, VP warfare and the President come down to speak on the campaign and what we as a union wanted to achieve. It was extremely important that we had these people speak on the campaign as it was broadcasted to the wider public and it displayed the importance of the matter. We invited everyone down from every circle of life to have the chance to place down their pledges towards sexual harassment and violence. Overall, the campaign was extremely successful because of the number of people that spoke up on sexual harassment post event, which means that people are aware that the university and union do not tolerate sexual harassment. It’s upsetting that we have to make people aware that this is not tolerated but it's empowering that it has now formed a sense of community within the university.

Hopefully, we can make a change for the best    


Nana - VP Services and Communication 


Keith dube - being black, going crazy?  

Many students who suffer from mental health problems haven’t been diagnosed yet, so I decided to use the power of social media and its influencers to tap into such a sensitive topic. This is why on the 18TH of April we are hosting a speaker which comes in the form of Keith Dube, he is a part of an award-winning podcast #3ShotsOfTequila & the founder of Avocado, a podcast & content powerhouse but it’s his work with the BBC which pushed me to book him to speak on mental health. The reason is that people from black and minority ethnic groups living in the UK are more likely to be diagnosed with mental health problems, the only way we would get students from the BAME community to speak on such a sensitive matter is to have someone they will be able to relate to. The event will give students and staff the opportunity to ask Keith questions, covering the impact of social media on people’s perceptions of mental health, the role of religion in helping or hindering people seeking help and if there is bias in medical diagnoses of mental health. Also, the impact parents from ethnic backgrounds help or hinder mental health.

Postponed - keith dube BEING BLACK, GOING CRAZY talk ?  

We have decided to move the mental health talk to a week after as many students will be off for the Easter break and will be unable to attend. This also gives us and everyone another week to prepare for this discussion so if you know anyone who will be interested in this discussion please share this post and the invitation which will be found on Facebook and the "WhatsonPage".

All other details besides the date have changed and so we will be looking forward to seeing as many of you. To confirm the new date is Thursday the 25th of April 2019.

Nana - VP Services and Communication