I'm FLAZZI ADEKANMBI, and I'm your Vice President of community & Engagement!

About Me


Hi everyone, I'm Flazzi your new VP Community and Engagement! I am the mentor to your Student Community Officers and responsible for every community being represented properly in the way they want to be. I will also be hosting and attending mixers for each community so hopefully you'll see me around in the mixer or just on campus in general. If you would like to contact me to know about your community or how your community is being represented, you can email me at - vpcommunity@essex.ac.uk

I joined Essex in 2018, studied Finance and Mathematics and graduated this year due to the delays with COVID. At Essex I have had an amazing time here. The friends I've made have truly made my experience. Most people would describe me as an outgoing person. I am quite active on campus, going to Sub Zero and SU Bar for any and every reason. I have also been a recurring member of the Essex Blades American Football club where I was a Running Back and will hopefully change positions to become a Linebacker. I also play games on both PC and PlayStation and watch anime.

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