I'm QURATULAIN MUZAMMIL, and I'm your Vice President of community & Engagement!

About Me

Hi people, I'm Quratulain Muzammil, your new Vice President of Community and Engagement. Currently pursuing a Postgrad in Data Science, I'm also an avid video game and anime enthusiast. Beyond academics, I've actively engaged in charity work and collaborated with the UN. 

As a former district level debater, I'm vocal about addressing issues faced by various communities. I'm eager to hear your thoughts, ideas, and concerns about our community. Together, we can work towards meaningful change and bring about the improvements you wish to see. My goal is to foster positive change within all communities at Essex. Feel free to say hi on campus or drop an email at vpcommunity@essex.ac.uk to discuss any improvements you'd like to see.

Let's work together to create a more inclusive and harmonious campus environment!

My Blog

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