Animal Protection Society


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We are animal loving students who want to share the love with you! Everyone is welcome to join our fun, non-judge enviroment where we raise awareness for animals while having a great time with each other. 


Feel free to drop us a email or dm us at literally any time of the day 



  • To offer a variety of high quality activities, that will enable members to engage with topics they are passionate about, and to develop their personal skills
  • To strike a fine balance between potentially controversial issues and light-hearted topics, in order to ensure that everyone’s interests are taken into account     
  • To have amazing animal themed socials for members with the overall theme of treating animals with kindness to become even more caring to everyone around you in day to day life. 
  • To provide multiple volunteering opportunities with nearby shelters and sanctuaries
  • To establish a relationship with select charities, and to liaise with potential external speakers
  • To provide a wide range of frequent discussion evenings, film viewings, fundraisers and other socials, as well as trips to applicable events



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