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We are a society centered around discussion, debate, and reason above all, and are thus devoted to fostering a culture that values truth over passions.
     We, the members and founders of the Essex Humanist Society, believe that in recent times, freedom of speech, reason and individuality, along with many of the hard-won, long-fought-for enlightenment values, have been traded in for a culture of homogeneity and “safe-spaces.” In the hopes of reviving the aforementioned values so they are not lost to the whims and subjectivity of a dogmatic majority, we hope to create a society centred, above all, on discussion, debate and ensuring that university campuses remain places where people’s views are always challenged.


     To promote discussion and understanding of topics such as: humanism, the importance of secularism, and enlightenment values of freedom of speech, etc. in politics (domestic and international); to discuss religion and host debates over God’s existence and impugn the validity of religious claims; to promote discussions over ethical issues from a secular lens and promote open-dialogues concerning them; to promote scientific literacy and understanding of science where necessary, especially for the critical analysis of political issues.


  • To host speakers on topics relevant to society’s aims;
  • To liaise with political and religious societies on campus on the fulfilment of the society’s aims;
  • To organize an open forum for members to discuss and debate relevant topics

Exec Team:

    President: Ahmed Abdelmaksoud (
    Vice President: Marios Anastasiadis (
    Treasurer: Mahdi Ghuloom (
    Social Secretary: Matteo Paravelli (
    Public Relations Officer: David Rozental-Devis (

Social Media:

Past Events:

Clicking on the event names will link you to their event pages on Facebook for further details. We also advertise our events on the 'Whats On' tab in this page.
Summer Term '16/17:

Autumn Term '17/18:

Spring Term '17/18:

Upcoming Events:

  • Watch this space. 

Photos from our Previous Events:

Photo from Andrew Copson's talk and Q & A. Photo credit: M. Atrouz.

Group photo after our panel discussion on "Religion, Purpose, Spirituality and Morality."  Photo credit: Emma M. Holland.

Photo of our "Peter Singer Skype Event on the Ethics of Eating Meat". Photo credit: M. Atrouz.

Photo of our discussion and talk "On the Nuances and Complexities of Arab-Israeli Relations -  Mr. AbdulAziz AlGhashian". Photo credit: Tatiana G. Rubio.


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