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Our 2018/2019 exec team...

  • President: Molly Purcell
  • Secretary: Ela Demirci
  • Tresurer: Aidan Pargeter
  • Events Officer: Abi Kelly
  • Social Secretary: Aaron Kern
  • Social Media Officer: Emily Johnson
  • Fundraising Officer: Katie Poynter
  • Welfare Officer: Amy Bathurst
  • ... and introducing our external Musical Director: Alicia Williams (BA Music Education)


Who are we? What is Show Choir?

We are a collection of students from a variety of backgrounds, degree courses and musical tastes who come together to sing and perform in a way not too dissimilar to Glee, Pitch Perfect and Pentatonix on a university level! We differ from a normal choir in the sense that we put on a bigger performance and show, with choreography and a stronger focus on modern and more eclectic music.


What do we offer?

General Show Choir group rehearse every Monday evening, between 7-8:30pm in the Colloquium Room (5.300A). In this weekly session, we provide a range of activities dependant on upcoming events. For example, in Autumn Term, we start rehearsing for our Winter Show (this year, it is Show Choir presents: A Night at the Musicals) which is a fundraiser for the society, where we perform two group songs. In this Monday session, we also rehearse for other upcoming performances, have collaborations with other societies and offer vocal and performance technique workshops amongst other various activities and games. This session is open to all: no audition required!

We also have our competition squad, who rehearse on Thursday evenings. Our competition team are 'The Essex Echoes: Licence to Trill' and this is decided yearly at the end of October on an audition-only basis. The aim of the competition squad is that we enter the yearly compeition Masters of Show Choir, which is a nationally acclaimed compeition against other university Show Choirs at the end of Spring term. This year, we are taking our team down to Portsmouth and performing against seven other universities! Last year, we performed at the Arts Theatre in the West End. Our competition set comprises of around ten minutes, with two minutes dedicated to acapella and two minutes dedicated to a challenge genre - last year, it was 'Old Skool RnB/hip hop'.

Throughout the year, we offer a wide variety of socials, which are organised by our dedicated social secretary. These vary from themed drinking socials, end of term meals, non-drinking socials like games nights and trips out - and potentially a Show Choir tour!

We hold regular fundraisers to raise money for charities and for our society itself, which usually go towards our competition team's funding (such as costumes, travel, accomodation).





  • We are hosting a show called 'A Night at the Musicals' in the ICLH on Saturday, December 1st. Members will sing 2 group songs as a show choir, and have the chance to have their very own solo, duet or group song with other members.

  • We are participating in the Masters of Show Choir Competition on March 24th in Portsmouth - even if you're not on the competition team, it makes for great trip out!

  • We will attend the Society Awards evening in summer term, where the competition team get a chance to perform our set and showcase what we have achieved for the year.

  • We will have our own awards night and a goodbye festival/BBQ in summer term 










Show Choir Presents: Essex Show Case
Show Choir Society Presents... an Essex Showcase! With group and solo performances from our own society and guest performances from other musical/arts societies.




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