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Show Choir was ratified at the beginning of 2017 and since then we have gained more than 50 members. Our aim is to bring people together who like to be in a relaxed yet enthusiastic choir environment; for people who want to simply improve their skills and have fun, or, compete on a national level.

Show Choir is a mix of Glee / Pitch Perfect-style, but in a more relaxed setting. We believe that if you have a passion then that's the main thing! We bring a wide variety of
genres of music into an environment where we can perform and enjoy a mutual love of music and performance.



We have two groups in Show Choir: our “Just Fun” group and our competitive group called “The Essex Echoes: Licence To Trill”.

Show Choir’s “Just Fun” group consists of members who just want to have fun and improve their skills. This group runs every Thursday 6pm-7:30pm in room 5.300a: you do not
have to audition to be a part of this group. Every week we have themes in which members can perform, if they would like to. We as a group decide what songs we would like to
sing, and we perform them in University venues and are looking to perform outside campus, too. We also play singing-related games, and practise different vocal techinques.

Show Choir’s competitive group is called “The Essex Echoes: Licence To Trill”. This group runs every week (day to be decided) 6pm-8pm in room 5.300a. We have competed
and performed in the Masters of Show Choir competition in the Arts Theatre, West End where we sung a variety of songs in a tightly arranged set list, including a section of
acapella, also with some choreography - so energy is a must! The Masters of Show Choir competition is a national competition which include critically acclaimed
judges. Hopefully, this competition will continue into 2018/2019 and we will be holding a group audition at the end of October 2018. Although talent and skill are necessary, we
are looking for passion, energy and dedication just as much.


We hosted and organised a Winter Show in the Ivor Crewe Lecture Theatre in aid of Age Concern Colchester, where we raised £511. Every single penny went straight to the
charity and we had an amazing turn out. Other societies, such as the Music and Theatre Arts societies, contributed to performances - and we even had Manningtree High
School perform.

We have performed in the West End with 10 other universities in the Masters of Show Choir competition. Each year, the competition release a theme - last year was 'Old Skool
RnB and Hip Hop'. You can find our performance on Youtube and on our social media platforms.


            We have Facebook groups for our socials, fundraising and our competition group. You can find these links through our main Show Choir Facebook Group.








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