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Exec Members
President -  Olivia Watts          Vice President-   Bethanie Watts       Secretary -  Maxine Hendy         Treasurer -

Social Secretary-  Molly Purcell         Head of Resourses-   Jamie Everett     Director-  Sasha Gentle

Our Society
Our Society is newly ratified as of 2017 and we aim to bring people together who love to be in a relaxed choir environment. If you are a lover of music and performance then this is the Society for you. Our Society is a bit similar to a glee club but more relaxed. We don't require auditions nor requirements or tests. We just believe that if you have a passion then that's all that matters. We bring modern and classic music into an environment where we can perform and enjoy a mutual love of music and performance. 

Our Aims and Objectives
Aims:to have something new to offer and bring people together to perform with weekly themes at the weekly come and try sessions; to compete with other universities in university exclusive competitions; to put our university on the map in this setting; to hold events at University of Essex to showcase the choir's talents, such as winter, summer and Easter concerts.
Objectives: are to advertise and grow a student show choir community; to provide space for weekly practice as well as come and try sessions allowing many students to give it a go; to grow as a show choir, improve and get ready for competitions; to enter competitions open exclusively to university students.

Competitions There is an annual competition every March, where all University student based Show Choirs and Glee clubs come together and compete at the West-End in front of an audience and a set of acclaimed West-End judges. It is only open to Show Choirs and Glee Clubs that are made up of University Students and it is such an amazing experience to perform on a West-End stage in front of family and friends, as well as judges that are well-known people in the industry. It is a fairly new competition going back to 2012. 

Up and Coming Events
Winter concert hosted by us (December)
Show choir competition (March 2018) 






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