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Who are we? What is Show Choir?

We are a collection of students from a variety of backgrounds, degree courses and musical tastes who come together to sing and perform in a way not too dissimilar to Glee, Pitch Perfect and Pentatonix on a university level! We differ from a normal choir in the sense that we put on a bigger performance and show, with choreography and a stronger focus on modern and more performance-based music!


What do we offer?

General Show Choir group sessions will be ran by our President and Musical Director. Each session begins with vocal warm-ups, so it’s important to be punctual. Our standard rehearsals include practising songs, creating dance routines for an upcoming performance, vocal workshops sessions set up by our music director and playing games! We love playing new games and are always open to suggestions, our group favourite is doing a classic riff off which is seen in pitch perfect! 


Do I need to audition?

The best thing about show choir is that anyone can do it! We do not have an audition process to join the society since we know that there are many people joining who have different amounts of experience. We believe everyone who shares the same passion should get an equal opportunity to do what they love! 

We do hold auditons for solos for our set pieces, and we'll give you all the details closer to the day. But there will be other opportunities to perform solos at our showcases, so do let us know if this is something you'd be interested in!


Our goals for this year...

This year, we want to hear from you! Whether you have the best playlist to choose songs from, are a great choreographer, or the life and soul of any social, we want to make show choir the best place for all of our members.

Think we should be competing this year? Interested in us putting together showcases for solo or group performances? Got an idea for an online show choir activity? Let us know!


What to bring to the session...

It’s important to wear something comfortable to rehearsals – there’s nothing worse than dancing in tight jeans!

We also recommend bringing some water with you. Hydration is a key part of staying vocally healthy.



Throughout the year, we offer a wide variety of socials, which are organised by our dedicated social secretary. These vary from themed drinking socials, end of term meals, non-drinking socials like games nights and trips out. Our favourite socials are going to the SU karaoke night, we love to sing together, make amazing memories and drink!

Last year, we got creative with Zoom socials. These included quizzes, games nights and welfare sessions.


COVID Warning:

Please be advised that, due to the risks of COVID-19, we may have to change the way we hold sessions at short notice. We are aware that many students may not, therefore, get the full experience usually provided by the show choir. However, we are working hard to bring you an enjoyable year!

To keep up to date with any changes, please follow our social media accounts listed below.

For welfare and support, please contact our Welfare Officer.  

For any Covid-19 concerns, our Covid Officer is here to help.










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