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Welcome to the University of Essex Vegan Society!

Thinking of joining the Vegan Society? You’re making the right choice! Here’s why…

Meet the executive team!

Miss Ieva Radskaite, President

Miss Honica Sharma, Secretary

Mr James McQuarrie, Treasurer

This society is made for anyone who is vegan, vegetarian, transitioning or just curious! We aim to support each other during university where we can meet people with similar values, learn about all the vegan food places in Colchester and plan events, socials and fundraisers for the society!

We also aim to educate others about how easy and accessible veganism can be, as well as take part in animal rights activism around Colchester!

What we do:

We work to set up innovative projects that promote a far more enjoyable atmosphere within the society and allow us to get to know each other more!

We aspire to create events and projects focusing on three main values:

1) Improving our members’ well-being through a plant based diet and cruelty-free lifestyle.

2) Involving ourselves in extracurricular activities including voluntary work and attending vegan fairs/festivals.

3) And building great friendships within the vegan community, both on campus and locally.

Veganism is a life changing and eye-opening experience; and so is university. The Vegan Society, are dedicated in ensuring that these two factors can work in unison to become the most enjoyable, and the least stressful experience for all!


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