I'm HannaH Akhalu, and I'm your
Vice President of Southend!

About Me

Hey good people! I’m Hannah, this year’s VP Southend. I just graduated from East 15 (whoop whoop!) from the Acting and Community Theatre course. During my three years at Essex, I’ve been BAME officer, Black officer and the class rep for my year group, so I have lots of experience in making sure peoples’ voices get heard. I have also been a part of the University’s Tackling Racism Working Group and East 15’s Anti-Racism Task Force.

This academic year is going to be a strange, but good one! With COVID restrictions easing, hopefully you will be all spending more time on campus, meaning that you’ll be able to socialise more in person! This also means that our freshers will get the university experience they deserve, and our returners will get to catch up on some experiences they may have missed out on.

My aim this year is to make sure Southend feels heard and seen as a campus! I want to get to know more of you and be involved in what’s happening on campus.I want to make sure things get done and changes are made. Feel free to contact me via email with any questions or ideas you have in mind.

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Mon 18 Oct 2021