New Society Ratification

Welcome to the Societies Ratification for our Southend Societies Guild.

We wanted to put the power of deciding which societies start in Southend into the hands of the Southend students involved in societies.

Every member of the Southend Societies Guild will have the opportunity to give their opinion on what societies start at our Southend campus.

You will have the options to vote 

For - if you want the society to start

Against - if you don't want the society to start

Abstain - if you choose not to place a vote. 

Take this decision seriously.

A good society can add to the diversity of the campus and give students an opportunity to explore a new interest and enjoy their time at Essex. It could be a good development opportunity or maybe just a community. Whatever the reason behind the society starting, you need to look and whether you think their aims and objectives are solid for what they want to do.

The more societies that we have the better for diversity of activities and it will give you the opportunity to work with other groups, however, if the society is not thought through, remember they will be a competitor for staff time and also grants of money. 

Take into consideration whether the idea is thought through before you vote them in. 

Once voting has closes we'll inform you all of what new societies will be starting up at Southend!

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